Watch 44 Activity Reset

My activities have been accumulating since day one…Steps, Calories, etc. How or Where can I reset this?

I would like it to reset itself daily. What am I missing?

Manual is useless…

I think they reset automatically at midnight. You can scroll through the data in the app, it’ll show daily, week and month.

This is a problem I’ve run into myself, as well. The steps only reset to zero on your watch if you leave the watch powered on past Midnight. There is some sort of glitch that if you power off your watch before midnight each night and power it on the next day, it won’t reset your steps counted to zero. They will only accumulate until you leave the watch on past midnight, at that point, it will reset the steps to zero. Very frustrating if you would like to save battery power by shutting off at night. Hopefully Wyze will address this issue

Interesting, I haven’t powered it off yet. I just got my watch this past Saturday so I’m leaving it on all the time to see battery life. After the first charge I’ll give you a try to see if it happens on my watch.