Was playback highlighting added in the beta app?

@WyzeGwendolyn Was this added recently? I’ve got event recording set with my SD card, not continuous, and I noticed that I’ve got green highlights now, in SOME of the spots where my timeline includes video – but not ALL of them.

For example, there was movement on my camera today, on and off, from about 6:02pm-6:19pm. Within that period of time, I’ve got playback clips for 6:02,6:03,6:08,6:11-6:13, and 6:16-6:19. If I watch it continuously, it just jumps ahead during the minutes where there’s no movement. Then, after my 6:19pm clip is over, it jumps ahead to the next spot where it saw some random movement, at 7:47pm. All of that seems like expected behavior.

What’s NOT expected is that I only have two small green highlights during that period. One at 6:02, and one at 6:08. Looking at the highlights on the timeline, it’s impossible to know that there’s video at any of those other times. Similarly, there’s no highlight at 7:47pm at all. The only reason I know that exists is because the timeline jumped to that after I finished watching the clip from 6:19.

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here’s a relevant screenshot. I’m watching playback from 6:11pm, but there’s no indication that playback exists at 6:11pm (I’m using “Record events only” mode for the SD card, so there are times at which there is no playback, obviously)

Interesting. So I just realized the behavior is different in the beta version of the app, compared to the main-branch version. In the main-branch version, the highlighting works as expected. I also noticed that the beta app seems to be BEHIND the main-branch version of the app, at least in terms of version number, (Shouldn’t it be the opposite?) so maybe that’s something that has gotten fixed already.

I’ve been using the beta app, and honestly, I didn’t realize playback highlighting existed at all until earlier today. In the beta app, it was obviously working in a spotty way, but I hadn’t actually come across it until now.

Anyway, that brings me to another question/suggestion: Suggestion: Possible to have both Beta and Main-branch app on same phone?

I don’t think you can have them coexist on the same device, at least under IOS. When I download either it overwrites the existing.
However you can have them on two linked devices. I have one on phone and the other on my Ipad. Usually an app on one will a automatically load to the other.

I have my cards set to continuous and also have gaps in the green line. Sometimes there is no video for a reason, like power off or camera turned off. Most of the time the video is there as expected.

This is normal and has been that way for a long time , isn’t new

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if you use the pinch to soom in method on the time line you will see that the little sliver of green is actually a recording. and being that small I would say its only the standard one minute increment at 6:11. but there does appear to be something there.

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Yes. I said this part was expected behavior. I wasn’t saying that aspect was unusual

The sliver of green in that screenshot just my progress bar/cursor thing in the video. It keeps moving along the timeline. It’s not showing that there’s a very short video clip or whatever. It’s just showing my current spot in the playback. I have video clips at 6:12, 6:13, 6:16, 6:17, 6:18, and 6:19, too. No green slivers.

When I put the main branch (non-beta) app back on my phone, these worked as expected.The green highlighting was everywhere I expected it to be. So this is something related to the beta app.

This wasn’t about lack of video. This was about PRESENCE of video, and lack of highlighting indiciating that presence.

good form sir. now that I’m not looking on my phone but on a big screen I can see that. sorry for my confusion. because the beta logs go straight to the devs I would send them the logs and maybe even a screen shot showing there is a clip there but no highlight. I don’t think I’ve run into this on Beta yet, but I will be on the lookout for it now.

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That’s exactly what i was seeing also. Sometimes on mine the green line stops for long periods but there’s video there.

Yeah. I replaced the beta app with the main-branch app on my phone and it’s working. Hopefully it doesn’t persist into the next beta. I’d prefer to use the beta app, but that issue makes playback nearly unusable.

I’ll get this feedback over to the team! :slight_smile:

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