Warranty experience twice now

Just a note, if a person does the preliminary checkout of their cameras that have an issues.

Have adequate wifi strength broadcast, not just ISP speed.

Warranty isn’t that bad. It takes a few emails back and forth, but if you’ve done the preliminary cam checks, know what is expected from previous emails, it goes fairly easy. I did this and this etc. in my case above and beyond requirements.

My latest case V4 stuck IR. After 2 or 3 emails and patience, a new V4 is on the way, no charge of course and return of defective device not necessary. Said to recycle it. Even though stuck it’s still useful.

Its a bit odd perhaps getting past the bot if that route is taken, but once a foreign agent makes contact its not that bad. Probably easier to submit a log and wait for contact.

Amazon returns are so much easier.

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I cant disagree with that at all and have used it for OGs, except to say I was past Amazons 30 day return as this cam was bought in March and I bought them at Wyze, so Amazon wasn’t an option anyhow.

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