Warning about using the Wyze chat

I was chatting with an agent and my chat session ended. I received an email with a chat log from a completely different agent and user. Scary. Lots of info in there. Very weird. I will use email going forward or phone.

That is weird and something that shouldn’t have happened. Thanks for bringing it up. Can I get your support ticket number so this can be looked into further? Did you get a ticket number for your chat session and are you able to tell the ticket number for the one that was emailed to you?


I am sorry that happened. This happens because the agents that handle chat are not the same agents that email. So if the chat ends it gets sent to the agent that can follow up through email.


Ticket that was not mine but I got email about. 2468628
Ok so maybe agent screwed up? Seems like an automated email.


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I think I misunderstood your original post. So you got a chat log that was from another user’s interaction with support. I am going to definitely do some digging on this one. Thank you for the ticket number.