Warmer Light Bulbs for Floor Lamp

I purchased the floor lamp simply because I believe in all the WYZE products and have become a loyal customer with over 15 articles so far…

I have my house tuned to a warm light ambiance and as nice as the floor lamp is, its light temperature is a little too cool for my house. I would like it if there could be optional bulbs we could buy with warmer light tones or variable light tones. Also, direct wifi integration with the WYZE App would be nice also.

Please vote in order to have this petition take off.

Thank you Ssturlap! Glad you like it!

Wyze Floor Lamp uses BLE 5.0 technology. Wyze Floor Lamp can be connected via the Wyze app for remote control, scheduling timers, smart dimming, sleep mode, and more. Wyze Floor Lamp can be updated through the app to add more lighting experiences and features after purchase.

Let us know if you have any question. Happy to be of any assistance!

I also like the floor lamp very much, but I wish we could have a warmer bulb, one that could go from 2400 Kelvin to 3200 kelvin. Thank you!

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