Wanting to share camera with everyone

We foster a cat and someone recommended that we use our Wyze cam to set up a live feed for everyone to view, hoping it might get our foster cats adopted quickly. Of course, with the Wyze cam, you can only invite someone to view the live feeds. Is there a setting or a way around sharing it, and allow it to be shared with anyone? I know this is a long shot, but thought it would be worth asking.

There’s no web interface so no. The only way to view the feed is with the Wyze app. The other possible option would be to use the RTSP firmware, but they would still require some sort of app to view the feed even if it was something like the VLC player. I suppose if you wanted to get really complicated, you could use the RTSP firmware and set up some sort of server to rebroadcast, but that would get complicated.

Honestly, instead of jumping through all the hoops to make a Wyze cam work for you I would just get a camera that does what you want. Especially if it’s just one camera.

Just buy a cheap webcam and connect it to a home pc. Point it to your cat’s living space and everyone can watch the cat.

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