Want to upgrade a cam

Can I replace a cam with a newer cam using the same license

Yes. You would go to the Account tab, > Services > Cam Plus, then select the old cam, and reassign the license to the new cam.


Thanks going to homedepot tomorrow and purchase new cam

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The new cam if a V3 will probably have a free 14 day trial period of Cam Plus. You can wait until the 14 days are up and the trial expires then add your existing cam plus. There is a way not to use the trial version but I have never done that, there is a procedure to do it on this forum someplace?

My cam is freezing or going off line cant want 14 days.

The cam plus on the NEW camera will work just fine with the Cam Plus version it comes with, it is the same as your current CP but it expires 14 days after you activate/register the cam. I purchase a new CP license a month ago. I had a new cam that came with a free version off CP. The day the free version expired I just assigned the paid version that I had to the cam, no waiting for anything.

Same here, no issues whatsoever.