Walmart SD card

Anyone use an SD card from walmart?

Two v2 cams with the Sandisk 32GB Ultra cards. Only a few weeks of use. So far, no issues. Real Sandisk. Not some 3rd party knockoffs. Plan is to replace with “endurance “ model from either Sandisk or Samsung. Those cards are marketed for dash cams and home monitor cams. Designed to deal with multiple write overs.

Do have a Sandisk Ultra in the vehicle GPS/dash cam. Few thousand miles of recordings. Guessing more than a few over writes. So far, still working fine.

Based on posts on this forum there are a number of different brands and models that work fine. Also a few posts regarding “corrupted “ cards. Wondering what % of those experiencing issues are using “fakes”?


Thank you. Thats the oneI am looking to pick up today.