Wall switch vs bulbs

why would you need wall switches when the bulbs are already alexa/google enabled? what am I missing

Seriously? Because not every bulb is a smart bulb. Because people have fingers. Because physical switches are faster and far more reliable. Because guests can use them. Because they are not reliant on WiFi. Many many reasons.

Question: Why is an iot (Internet of things) light switch necessary? Why not just use iot bulbs and apps/Alexa to control lights.


For me, I have several light fixtures that are specialty bulbs (aren’t standard bulbs) and that the led light panel is actually part of the fixture.

I used my first switches for outdoor flood lights that have switches in two different rooms. I wanted to be able to group and have all bulbs turn on at the same time. Sure I could buy iot flood bulbs, but that would be very expensive for 8 flood bulbs compared to two switches. Then there are fixtures with chandelier bulbs, halogen bulbs, etc. To get all of those in iot you would end up with multiple apps. I’m trying to consolidate iot into fewer apps and hubs. All of my porch/deck light fixtures are led light-built-in. No iot led light panel even exists for them, so the only way to Alexafi them is with switches.

Some homes have switches that control non-bulb devices, like electrical ‘fireplaces’, for example.

Lastly, say you use iot bulbs in a fixture controlled by a wall switch. The standard wall switch has to be left turned on in order for the iot bulbs to stay on and connected. If someone turns the switch off inadvertently, the bulbs will not work until someone goes to that switch and turns it on. That may not be possible if you’re away from home. The Wyze switch is always connected even when it’s turned off.

Some of my non-standard bulb fixtures…

Dining room chandelier

Kitchen chandelier

Closet fixture

Porch/deck fixtures

Hope this helps you understand the need. :grin:

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yes makes a lot of sense now

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This is my main reason to buying a smart switch. I have three under 10 children. It’s been hell keeping my smart bulbs powered but all that has been resolved to a large extent. Amazon Basics has some Alexa only switches. I started with it and they’re well price but the Wyze switches gives me a lot control especially for operating the Wyze lock

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I don’t get why you’d prefer that to just a smart wall dimmer switch and a regular bulb. Much more flexible and useful and cheaper too. To each…

We’ll, first, I bought the house with these fixtures, so swapping all of these fixtures with ones that have ‘regular’ bulbs would certainly not be less expensive for me. Secondly, leds have opened an entire new design universe for lighting, why would I limit myself to an older design standard if I don’t have to? Have a good afternoon.

What? Perhaps you misunderstand. I think we are both in favor of smart wall switches / dimmers. When I say regular bulb I mean ordinary LED or incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, just like your existing ones…

It’s not clear who you’re replying to, and I’m not clear what the ‘that’ is. If it’s a reply to my post, it seems to ask why would I prefer a smart wall switch with specialty lighting over a smart switch with a regular bulb. That’s the question my reply to you answered. Thanks.