Wall feed through bushing

Other than drilling a hole and caulking, what are folks using as best practices to run microUSB power to outdoor cams?

I am buying a new house and considering cam locations. It is likely that one or more will be best served by powering through the wall. My gut feeling is that a cable feed through bushing and some type of low voltage box for strain relief would make sense.

Searching on “bushing” mostly yields postings about bushes.


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I suggest that you do a search on YouTube for some tips on that subject. Something like “best way to feed a cable through a wall” or something like that should give you a lot of tips. Good luck with your project!

Guys, I really do appreciate that you took the time to respond. Allow me to reiterate that the intent of my question was to identify best practices that folks are using.

For instance, does the stock microUSB connector fit through a common coax (RG6) feed through bushing? Have better options been used?
Interior pass through - what has been used for easy to install, aesthetic, and functional? Maybe a simple easy-mount wall plate? Maybe a slick USB pass-through plate on a low-voltage bracket?