Wait, What!? what did I just see

What did I just see? I had a notification from wyze, the description of the phone notifications said something about software quality has declined, and then it just disappeared before i could even read it, but I 100% agree with the title. The software has taken a nosedive, it’s slow, it’s always disconnecting even when a camera is less than 15 feet away. The timelapse feature on my campan v3 never saves the time lapse that I set.

Sorry to hear you are having issues with the app. Wonder if you could provide a bit more information:

  • What App Version are you using
  • What is the Firmware version of you Pan Cam V3
  • What Router type are you using
  • What are your upload and download speeds

Trying to get enough information to see if there is something that could be causing these issues.

I have a Cam Pan v3 and most of the other cameras and have not had any performance issues. I test on my iPhone Xs, Android Samsung Z Flip 5, and my Pixel 8.

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