VROOM? V2? rc?

They are a online company…are you planning on sending them a pic of the taillights? If so you should use a Wyze cam to take the pic :smile:

You must not be trying to order a WYZE CAR or you would be as frustrated as those of us who are.

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It doesn’t seem to matter what you are trying to buy, if it’s in high demand, even companies like Microsoft can’t handle the traffic and you experience all of these same problems, it’s in you cart, it’s out of your cart, there’s some left there’s none left., site crash, cart’s empty, ERROR ERROR ERROR … all these fantastic technological breakthroughs we have and yet no one’s figure out how to use the cash register… if that’s not typical corporate America I don’t know what is. Will someone call Sally or Tom who usually works the register and have them come in and SHOW someone how to use it please … lol

Register…so it would be like black friday? People lining up the night before and trampling each other to try and get one? I for one prefer this over that, not saying this is perfect, but better than what has been.

Quick question - If I purchase the car, will it come with the same static that all 6 of my V3 cams have? Asking for a friend…

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I am not affiliated with Wyze, did you want me to deliver this message somehow? It would probably do you more good to tag some Wyze employees and post it here: Wyze car giveaway contest - 4/1/21

Well seeing as how it uses the V2 I would say… not the same as the V3

If this is fun, then I’ll consider my next trip to the dentist a trip to Disneyland!

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It would be a good picture…

Depends on if you get the gas or not :joy:

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Or have a special needs teen who wants to buy WYZE car but doesn’t understand the frustration of dealing with humans who think they are smart.

No no no … I’m not talking about standing inline outside of a store… what am I a cave man? No thanks … I just wouldn’t buy it. I’m just pointing about how so many billion dollar companies all have the same problem, it seems like it would be such an easy fix, we can make all this great stuff these days but NO ONE can fix this problem? I’m about to take this on purposely and then charge a kazillon dollars for it.

The other point was it’s always some pencil pusher who runs the numbers and makes decisions on this is how it should work, but if you talk to the people who actually do the work they could’ve predicted how it would really go down, and I’m saying call those people and ask … Ok what do we need to do to mitigate the problem RIGHT NOW… what’s our best course of action and then start listening to them instead.

Dentist & painkillers

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Tried for the rc car… got it in my cart, selected payment and waited for it to go through!!!..
Then of course in the way of Wyze, it was gone!!!
A true April Fools trick!!!


There is only 500 available every hour. You have to keep trying every hour on the hour.
Order here:

I received an email from Amazon saying they are processing payment to Wyze. They will send me confirmation when payment is complete. But I’ve never gotten confirmation that my payment went through on Wyze. Each time I tried, I would get kicked back to shopping card with a big red X saying THERE ARE NO SOURCE ITEMS WITH THE IN STOCK STATUS for the car

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Welcome @lcybowen!

This means the cars sold out before you completed your order. You should contact support to see if your payment and order went through.
By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Or online: Wyze.com/support (click “submit a request”)
phone support is typically faster however this isn’t always true due to fluctuation in the amount of calls.

I’m gonna steal that! :rofl:

If you could truly figure out how to mitigate a flood of customers all going to one site to buy one thing - you really would be a Kazillionaire and i would be in line waiting to invest…or i guess not waiting in line to invest since that would have been eliminated.

This is frustrating, I understand, and while not justifying it I will say it has happened to every other retailer who is offering a limited number of something that is in high demand. If Walmart, Target, PayPal, Sony, Microsoft, and many others haven’t figured it out with their resources I would not hold my breath for a small startup to be the one.

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A lottery or queue system would be nice. I absolutely hate the F5 gold rush of trying to purchase products like this when the shopping cart end is what determines if you click faster than anyone else and it doesn’t crash on you.

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