Visual Indication of products requiring attention in Wyze App

In general there should be a visual indication on the home screen of the Wyze App for products that need attention. for example, firmware updates, re/calibration, battery status, etc. I should not have to open up each device, manually check that there is no firmware upgrade available, manually check the battery health, etc.

Great idea!:+1:
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Maybe the next Wish should be a notification when your post gets approved! lol


If you have chosen to “follow” the thread, you will get forum notifications of the status changes. Different status are maybe later, researching or launched, which you will get notified for and usually Gwen writes a note with an update in the thread.

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You can go to the account tab and then click on Firmware upgrade to see the status of the firmware of all the devices. This is usually to do a bulk upgrade but it’s also an easy way to see all the firmware upgrades available.

I made a more specific topic regarding displaying the battery life on the home screen like one of your suggestions. However, I can merge it with your item to garner more votes if needed.

I’m not sure what you mean by re/calibration. Which devices require this?

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That would apply to the Wyze Lock

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The app already has a built in “Messages” function in the Account Tab that I have never seen utilized. Any way to use this function to inform users of any app or firmware upgrades\updates available based on the hardware they have installed in their app? Such that only those with say Android App are receiving that message or only those with say a thermostat get that message for the Thermostat?

Clicking on the message or a link therein could take the user to the firmware page in the app or to the app store for that OS.

So when I open the app and see the red dot on Account (this would be the indicator that something needs attention), open it, there would also be a red dot on the message icon as well as the Firmware bar. Open it and the message would be there to update etc.