Virtual Motion Sensors (combining of multiple physical sensors)

Here’s what I think a very cool idea! Allow us to mark a group of similar items as “virtual device”.
Example: I make a group of two motion sensors which reside in such way that it would be beneficial to me to make them “one virtual sensor” with its logic “OR”. So, then I can use that virtual sensor in Alexa (which knows nothing about a group in Wyze app except that it’s presented as a single sensor) to trigger a Routine. Result: I can have a space which should conform to a singular Routine but I need two motion sensors to cover the whole area. Alexa will see only one sensor and use it but Wyze virtual sensor group will allow for EITHER of the two to trigger the same Routine. This would be VERY good for Routines which “expire” after movement wasn’t noted for a set time period. EITHER movement sensor would keep the Routine form triggering.
As is right now, that simple logic is IMPOSSIBLE to implement.

Perfect idea