Viewing window in app is miniature and unviewable

Hi there everyone,
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Just wanted to ask if anyone else is having problems with the display in the app? The viewing window and event playback is presented in a tiny window which is almost non viewable. Im not on Beta software and don’t see a recent update so im puzzled on how this is happening when it was okay yesterday. Was hoping to upload an example of my problem but don’t see rhe option for me to upload it. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
Thanks in advance.

Can’t figure out how to upload a picture from my S10 plus to show you what I am talking about. Does anyone know how to get a picture on here? I see it done all the time but can’t seem to figure it out on this forum. Thanks as always. Cheers.

Hi @cannabishighway!

To upload a photo/screenshot look in the tab where you are typing on the Wyze Forum and there is an icon with an arrow pointed up and a horz bar underneath it. If you mouse over it should indicate Upload That will bring a pop-up to select file from device or web.

When you bring up the Events screen, touch the event you want to watch. When you have that one Event on screen, touch the screen and it will pause. You’ll notice a bracket on the top right of the video [ ] touch that for Full Screen view.

Alternatively you may hold the phone sideways and it should automatically go to Full Screen unless you’ve disabled “Auto Rotate” on your smart phone from the status bar.

Thank you for your reply.
I’m trying to upload from my S10 plus phone and the attachment part doesn’t seem to be working for me. I see what you’re talking about and tried it many times earlier with no success.

Haha! Thanks again, just clicked on it and it worked this time. I feel so silly. :joy::rofl:

This is the normal size that I always received before today.

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Glad I could help. Problem solved then?

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No, I’m still getting tiny previews when looking at the live view. I’ve uploaded today’s picture view and one from a few days ago and there’s a huge difference.

Here is what im looking at right now in the app. The picture is way too small.

You’re right.
The app should show a picture the width of your screen. The 44.3KB/s on left and the Full Screen icon on right should be within the picture.
I don’t have anything on the bottom of my screen under the “View Playback” button.

Thinking it must be a setting on your phone or the app was a bad load. Try rebooting the phone and see if it clears up.

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I was typing as @dr.knowwas posting! That is what iI was also going to suggest. it looks like a device issue.
Failing reboot you could try deleting and reinstalling the App. Your info is stored with your Wyze account so you shouldn’t lose any settings, etc.


Thank you kindly,
I’m going to try reinstalling right now and see if that might help. I also don’t get thumbnail notifications 95% of the time, its just text. Must be a compatibility issue with the Galaxy S10 Plus.
Thanks again and I’ll post the results soon.

Thank you! Going to try reinstalling now. Thank you for your help.

Thank you guy’s so much. The reinstall worked and I have full picture again. I’m unsure how to tag you both in this message but thank you again for the quick response and suggestions/solution.
You all rock!


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That easy, huh? I should have known but was having a brain fart moment. Thanks for letting me know now. I’ll be prepared for all of my future posts now. :joy::rofl:
Hope your week is going well my friend and thanks again.