viewing stored video

I’m a wyzecam noob so pl. forgive the basic Q here. I installed the pan cam yday. The cam is supposed to upload footage to the cloud and its supposed to be available for 14 days right? I am trying to figure out how to access it? The app does not have a loc to view the uploaded video and I cant see it in the wyze acc from my browser either…

Any ideas?


If the Pan Cam is anything like the Cam v2, the only video uploaded to the internet is the video of any motion it detects (provided you’ve set that up in the app). Providing the new pan cam uses the same app as the other cams, you can find your playback in the phone app by selecting the camera you want, and then hitting the big green “view playback” button at the bottom. But, like I said, this is only if you’ve enabled motion detection. With all that said, you can always put a SD card into the camera so that it records everything, and then you can view that at any time in the app. I’ve had my cam for months with a 32 gig card in it and it has barely used a half gig so far.

As for viewing your video from the web: That is probably, hands down, one of the most requested features, and also the one that seems to go ignored. Though, I’d imagine this is because it would take a relatively tremendous amount of resources to allow the streaming of high def video via a website. And since the recording and storage of said video is free, they have little to no financial incentive to build such a system.

Notification clips and SD card playback videos are separate things .

As soon as you open the app ,at the bottom, middle you will see Notifications , click on that and you will see your clips if there is any there .


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