Viewing recorded events

I can view some recorded events but most say “failed to load from local storage”…

got recorded sound events …how do I playback?

any help please.

If you’re having problems linking to the SD card playback, you can load it manually by loading the camera from the Home Tab, then you can click on “SD Card” to load the playback there

Then it will show up just below the live stream:

It will show you on that timeline where all your events start.


Be sure you are set to Continuous recording on the SD Card camera settings > Advanced Settings > Record to MicroSD Card ON and CONTINUOUS to make sure footage is always available.

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thanks…I was doing that but still “failed to load…”

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thanks… they are all set up…ican see in the timeline that there are recordings but the fall to load from my sd

WYZE used to be good. Now they play the game of “It was once free, you liked it, now we’re going to charge you for it.” I can’t even watch a clip on my 64 GB chip in the camera. Just another bait and switch… Was with these guys for seven years. Moving on to Blink. At least they’re truthful. Social media could put these guys out of business.

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This may provide you with some comic relief.

(Not a Rick Roll, I promise)

It can be applied to “todays” world as needed.