Viewing Playback on Cellular Won't Stay Connected

When I’m trying to view the playback from the microSD card it won’t stay connected after moving around the timeline several times. I’ll put it back a few minutes, then put it back an hour or two, etc, and regardless, it won’t stay connected. It’ll try to reconnect, and then will go back towards the end of the timeline as if I just touched the button to playback the footage again.

I’m away from my WiFi connection right now so I’ve experienced this on cellular. I’ll test on WiFi another time.

Has anyone else experienced this?

By the way, I’m using the latest version of the Android application.

When I first got my cameras I saw the same thing. My son noticed it on his iPhone too. I’ve been using WiFi lately so I should check on cellular again. It was frustrating not being able to view playback away from home.

There was a similar issue reported here:

Hopefully they’ll fix it soon.

Playback is working via WiFi. It just isn’t working properly via cellular.