Viewing Cam OG SDcard is dimmed

Viewing Cam OG SDcard is dimmed and has lots of useless things covering the screen. How to fix?

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This is something I’ve also noticed.

Can you post a screen capture of what you are talking about.

Lets compare the live and SD card images of a Wyze Cam 3 to the Wyze Cam OG (oh god):

Cam v3: ( 1st image is live, 2nd is viewing the SD card):

Cam OG: ( 1st image is live, 2nd is viewing the SD card):

The OG is worse by far, I do not like the advertisements.
In addition the OG will not do RTSP so you are captive to the Wyze app.

At least on my OG-Tele, all that overlay crap (and screen dimming) shows up at first and then goes away once it starts playing. You can also bring it back or make it go away by taping the screen.

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Tapping the screen on the OG does nada, it ALWAYS is dimmed when looking at the SD Card. Probably b/c Wyze is trying real hard to SELL you a subscription. If I would have know this, I would have never bought the OG. I thought Wyze always makes a better edition, but that is not true, they just are turning greedy and spending more time on inventing ways to get monthly revenue rather tha making better products.

My OG S and OG T both have excellent video image in both the live view and the SD Viewer. It only dims when the Dwell Overlays are active. As soon as I tap the screen away from any of the Dwell Overlay buttons, it returns to clear viewing. My OG cams have a better image than my V3Pro. Their image is equal to that of the V3 and they are lightning fast loading.