View Playback Screen - A few minor enhancement requests

I had two suggestions for the current playback screen (note attached screen capture and notes).

  1. It would appear there is a block put in to indicate the end of the available playback (it represents the current time). Currently it is the same color as recorded events. My recommendation would be to make it a different color to indicate that it is the end of the available time to scroll through.
  2. The "See Live Stream" button is not placed well (at least on iOS).


The misplacement of the See Live Stream button would seem to be a function of the phone model. It appears well below the other icons on my iPhone 7Plus. What model iPhone are you using?

An iPhone 7 (regular, not the plus).

I’ll pass this along so the devs can look at the screen layout for smaller iPhones.

Several posts have mentioned the position of the “See Live Stream” button, but it looks normal on my iPhone 6S. Can’t help on end block as all of my cameras are set for continuous recording to the uSD card.

Note: apparently you need to click the picture to see all of my screen capture (not sure why as I didn’t for the original post).



Thanks Rick for bringing it to our attention!

I just filed a bug of misplacement of See Live Stream button. The green blocks shown in playback aren’t always accurate right now but I’ve also brought it up with the dev team. So please send feedback app log to us so we can look into it!