View Playback/Live Stream


I have been experiencing some issues when trying to see the playback or even live stream. Sometimes the camera stays in “Connecting camera”, goes all the way to 3 attemps and then just give me error (27). It doesn’t matter which wifi I use, it is always the same.

It wasn’t like this the first months after I got the camera, but started once I updated to the new firewall. I’m not sure how to fix this issue.

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I would start by mentioning the brand and any settings you changed with this new firewall so that people that are familiar with that product can assist.

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I have the wyze cam v2 - the new firmware is I didn’t change any of the setting, just update the firmware.

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Did you update the firmware? Or the firewall? In your initial post you mentioned that you were having connections issues after a mention about a new firewall. Two very different things with very different solutions. Autocorrect oopsy?

Firewall? Or firmware?

If firewall, explain how and where you installed it.