View Playback button missing on Samsung S22 Ultra

Just install Wyze apps on my new Samsung S22 Ultra and found no View Playback button
at the same time, it is ok to view playback on iOS and Samsung A52
is this a bug?

Is this the plug in v3 camera, or the battery powered Wyze cam outdoor? Does the button show up on your iPhone? Are both phones signed into the same account? Is there an SD card in the cam?


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Interesting. It appears as if the navigation bar is covering where the Playback button would be.

I am not familiar with the S22 Ultra, but is there any view changes you could make to see if the playback button is visible? This very well could be a spanning UI bug.

For good measure what Wyze App version are you on? And Android version?
You could also send a log file for the App and record that log file here. Should we be able to get this some attention.

I would be interested to hear if other S22 Ultra users are seeing the same thing.

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I found the issue is because I am sharing the cam to another account, if I sign in my account the playback function is back


Yes if the camera is being shared only the main account can view playback , the shared account cannot !

Good call out @IEatBeans