View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

WYZE has not promised an app at all. They just recently agreed to look at the idea.

In conversations with customer support last year they said they would be bring out an app soon and they were working on it.

Those requirements are not “budget” or “inexpensive”.

What I meant by “24/7 monitoring” is monitoring by an offsite, staffed “security” firm. To get that you will need to pay a monthly fee. SimpliSafe charges $15 a month. You might find something a bit cheaper, maybe $10, but unlikely lower than that.

Continuous recording. Don’t the Wyze cams do that if you have a microSD card installed? Or do you need to have that recording done in the cloud?

Your requirements seem to be for a “security” system. If you search the Wyze forums or website you may find a post or two indicating that Wyze is really NOT a robust security system. I can’t remember where I read that, but I’m pretty sure it was on the Wyze site. Maybe do a Google search for “Is Wyze a security system?”

That might be the article.

Note too that Wyze is billed as a “SmartHome” company NOT a “security” company.

If all you need is cameras, there are many systems that will do what you want, albeit at a higher price. Plus you will need to pay for the 24/7 monitoring.

If you need sensors as well, you will need to start with a “security” system.

And if you REALLY need 24/7 coverage, you will need to invest in battery backups and cellular service for the security system. Most people don’t think about those additional needs if they are looking for 100% uptime and access.

And when I recently compared the Wyze cams to others available for the DIY market, I found that NONE of them were perfect and 100% reliable. What level of reliability do you need?

I’m just asking questions and making observations. I do like my Wyze products (even if they aren’t connected right now, and I’ve found multiple flaws with the Outdoor Camera and haven’t even installed it.) But I’m looking for low-cost, SmartHome products to “play” with. Yes, I hope they are working if I ever experience a “security” need, but I do NOT expect Wyze or any other company to provide that in my budget range.

So I guess this is the latest word at the moment?

Does this mean the answer is “yes” working on it, but no definite ETA or beta date?


Customer support really has no idea what the developers have planned. I suspect just told you what you wanted to hear.


This all I want. No online monitoring staff, No cloud uploads/downloads. I just want an app on my PC that will allow me to view/record my cameras to my PC.


If Yi looks like what you need, do a Yi vs Wyze search limited to last year and read a few articles.

Looks like Yi is about twice the price but still not too expensive.

I’ve been using the Yi cameras for several years and have one or more fail every year. The 1080p cams are great (while they are working) but they are not reliable. The only thing keeping me from changing to WYZE is the app.

To me it at least looks like they are seriously considering it.

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@UserCustomerGwen I am hopeful that Development is looking at using the Catalyst framework on macOS 11 (Sep/Oct 2020) which will allow faster porting of the Wyze app from iOS to macOS Big Sur. Hopefully this will allow for faster development and deployment.

@bschm for updates on the possibility of using Catalyst I would watch this thread

If its a choice between being able to enter my height into the app in fractions or being able to see my cameras on a computer or the web, I vote to see my cameras!!! Enter your height in fractions are you kidding me (eye roll)

This should be easy to allow web view ONLY from the local network? This is secure, and Wyse doesn’t need to expose their cloud API.

Why do we need access to the cloud to view a local device? One more dependency and streaming delays …

Just give us the (FHD and HD) streaming local URL for each camera. The only tricky bit would be to have multiple streaming URLs in one page.

Don’t forget that you can also use the SDcard storage if you need it for this to work.

I think you should be able to achieve this with Tasker.

I am in the EXACT same mindset.

Coming up on two years on this issue being requested. I guess not enough of us see a value to this, but I sure do.


I vote for this

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As a software developer, this is quite shocking that it has taken 2 years to come to the research point.

I, along with many others, anxiously await the app.

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Same. Makes me wonder how they put together their project plans.

However, putting time and resources to provide addtl (free?) features to low price products vs. developing new revenue streams is probably what is driving this and other feature requests. My guess is viewing on a computer is neither driving sales or preventing them, at least significantly anyway, so it’s hard to justify the effort from a budget/billing standpoint.