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Wyze should expose the APIs.


Where did “they” mention this?

ScottK mentioned a variety of costs. I’m reading in email not the forums.

Simply put there is a cost for everything.

The question a business must ask is:

If we do that will enough customers pay higher prices for it?

If some other company already does what you want, buy from them.

I bought from Wyze because of their current price point and features.

I do not want to pay more to view my devices on my PC.

Remember, if you can see them there, so can someone else.

Scott you are absolutely correct. Software engineer here for 30 years and if it is coded correctly, there are Limited to zero support calls.

They have even admitted it in past posts, that they use a proprietary cloud interface and would not release the APIs AND they said they would change them if we reverse engineered them.

They have made it perfectly clear that a web interface is never going to happen unless they can monetize it.

This is why I have exactly one Wyze and am testing others with web interfaces to see which one I’ll be buying in quantity.

And to Blue’s question of paying more, we have said in the past we would pay $5 more if it came with a web interface. That was evidently not good enough.

My inexpert, guess? They contracted out the original software and the company consists of a salesperson and an engineer and everything else is contracted out and they don’t want to pay for the extra coding.


So they haven’t said anything about cost and the number of people required?

When and where did they say this?

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I very much want a web interface, but this is reality. Apparently Wyze is moving enough product without creating a web interface, so it would be a needless expense and resource drain in their business roadmap.

I just wish they would come out and say “Our market segment for inexpensive IoT devices is moving to device viewing, so we’re not going to waste money creating a free web interface for all you luddites. Deal with it.” As one of these luddites, I would disagree, but at least I would respect the clarity.


They in this case was ScottK.

Despite the perception that software development and support are low cost, they aren’t.

Ask what the FULLY loaded cost is. People, facilities, government compliance in 200 countries and thousands of localities, legal costs. And the profits to pay them for at least 5 years into the future.

And then just when you think you have all that covered, technology changes and someone else can do it for less and all your customers jump ship.

In this very thread. I’m pretty sure you were around during that discussion. Whether or not it has been deleted, I can’t say because as I have mentioned before, I’ve given up on them. I’m only still on this thread just in case someone comes up with a web interface for my one Wyze. But if I find a good, reasonably priced camera then I’ll retire mine and leave.

As it is I try not to jump into these conversations but that last one just made me mad because they have been very clear they are never going to release the APIs and contrary to what they SAY, they are also never going to release a web interface.

That time they mentioned it was when they talked about integrating with another package if that helps narrow down what they said.

Have you tried the recent Android apps on Win 10?

Can anyone suggest a company other than Wyze with a product that will actually do what I need?

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What do you need?
More importantly, what is your budget?

So you need a security system (with or without 24/7 monitoring?

A surveillance system? With DVR?

Or just something you can view in a web browser?

Do you need to see all the cameras at once?

Or do you need to see a camera while you are working on something else?

Should I keep asking questions?


I hate using my phone’s little screen to try to see who is in my driveway or on my front porch. This is a critical feature for me. I currently use Yi home cameras for security in my home. I have 6 scattered around the house. The cameras are not that good and the only reason I keep them is because they have an app for the PC to live stream and record the cameras from anywhere you log in from. You have been saying your are going to do this for over a year. If you dont have engineering resources to get it t done then why dont you farm out the project. Surely you know the sales will go up with valuable feature.

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WYZE only sells in the US. They don’'t have to comply with any other Countries.

Concept not specifics.

Being from California, what happens if you take the product to the EU or access it from there?

Why you say “that’s crazy talk”, I wouldn’t put it past a prosecutor from trying to find a way to profit from that.

Get an Android tablet. They are getting bigger and bigger.

Remember, it is about net profit, not sales.

My budget is the same price as the Wyze. I only need 2 cameras at this time but I will need to have the option to expand beyond that. I need 24/7 monitoring with auto-detect and continuous recording capability while motion is being detected. I need it to save everything to the cloud and have the recordings stay there until I delete them. I need to be able to access the recordings and the live feed from any web browser anywhere. I need to be able to see the feed from all of the cameras all at once in the web browser. I expect there are going to be bandwidth issues on that last one for some users but not for everyone. That would be another feature that seems fair to expect as an option. I think that would pretty much cover it for me. That’s what I thought I was buying but I wasn’t paying attention and that’s my fault. I just thought these were obvious features for a product like this. Thanks for providing this forum guys!

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I have a PC running the app for Yi home cameras. I have 6 cameras and I want to replace them with WYZE. I do not want to have a stand alone machine or tablet dedicated to viewing my cameras.
I work on my PC, and no matter what I am doing I have a window open that shows the security cameras. I can watch the driveway for deliveries without interrupting my work. The Yi app is not great but it does enough. I have tried using WYZE app with the blue-stacks emulator and it does not work at all.

So they have been promising an app for over a year now. it’s time the came through with their promise.

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