View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

Most of the reviews are incorrect. It’s not a virus or a link to Bluestacks.
You eventually get to a link to the Wyze APK in APKPure.
It’s useless and silly but appears harmless.

Can linux users will view cam on pc too ?? or just windows/mac ?

Only Wyze can answer that and probably not soon.
A browser based app would cover everything.

Very good news. I’m interested in local connection with increased bit rate for better video and viewing quality.

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Obviously after a couple of weeks I’ve reached the conclusion many others already have. It would be GREAT it I could review the Wyze Events on a PC/Browser instead of the App.

Personally, I have an Android phone and it seems like it is really clunky and load Events and i often get a LOADING… message.

I think a browser interface would be better in general and provide larger videos as well on the computer.

So, is the PC/Browser interface coming soon?

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Soon…, no.
I wouldn’t count on seeing it in the next 12 months.
I don’t know anything for sure, just basing it on past experience with Wyze.

this would be absolutely lovely, yes please.

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I believe you missed the wait time by a factor of 100,000 months

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I didn’t give a wait time.

It’s not even in the roadmap and still in the wishlist forum. So it’ s a ways off. I hope if/when it does come out, it will still support the current v2s,

Hell, I’m 75, and just hope it gets done before I die!
But I’m not holding my breath.

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It should be super EASY to allow the Wyze app to be downloaded to Android on a Chromebook. It worked a year ago but then someone changed the flags on the Play Store Wyze app so that it is no longer presented on Play Store running an Android on a Chromebook.

No work. Set flag. Let Wyze app load to Android on Chromebooks.


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I’ve never used a Chromebook. Can the APK be sideloaded?
It’s not a permanent solution, just wondering if the current Wyze version works correctly.

I also volunteer

I would definitely love to be a part of testing! We need a app or website we can go to to view Wyze Cameras! (Especially since Wyze will be releasing an Outdoor Camera) It needs to have the features that the app does. Including playback, recording events, and viewing past events! Thanks for the updates!

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Since RTSP stands for Real Time Streaming Protocol, it would certainly suffice. Comments to the contrary leave out that RTSP works in VLC, QuickTime, RealPlayer and several other 3rd party apps without the needs for an Android emulator.

I find it puzzling this was not included in the initial design.

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Welcome to the forum. WYZE has released a RTSP camera firmware.

Thanks for adding the link @Loki.

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Thanks for the reply. I have no issue with using the iOS/Android app but for those wanting RTSP, this is great news! For my purposes, having an app on my phone I can use to check my feeds is great. Currently, I don’t -need- the RTSP functionality but I may need to install a home-brew security system and I do know RTSP is required. RTSP does make using the cameras with the OpenSource security camera package ‘Zoneminder’ possible. I would like to encourage Wyze to stick with the RTSP development line.

Um, the previous reply (DeanSmith Jan 24, the second and last reply directly under original post) is really besides the point. There’s no assumption it needs to be a local firmware IP web server with port forwarding. It can be a web delivered AJAX app (or even standalone executable) that pulls exactly the SAME streams that the phone apps already do.