View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

I completely agree and I if i did make any of the comments you are talking about i apologize to you or anyone who feels they were not proper for this forum.

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With TinyCam app I get my cameras and notifications when i am away.

The Wyze cameras are GREAT for their PRICE. Stop complaining and go buy something thats more expensive.

Did you see the emoji?

Coffee sounds like a good idea to me :hugs::coffee: “Alexa” turn on the Wyze camera with coffee. :joy:

Or also, Google, make me a coffee and carry me to the kitchen table to enjoy it - is that asking too much??? I think not!!! Google should know the mix by voice recognition. A fun feature would be for it to misspell my name on the cup, so I could get that Starbucks feeling! :yum::yum::yum:

I will go with that…especially in the morning when you are trying to get your eyes open. I would like to see some Wyze coffee. :coffee: It would be half price of Starbucks. Then you wouldn’t have the empty wallet feeling. :grinning:

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I really like that idea!!! :yum::yum:

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would like t see this it would be nice to have on cromebook or pc so you can see while you are at work

The point of today’s software development is continuous improvement based on customer requests.
Iterative development of prioritized functionality based on customer input, budget, risk, etc. But customers drive the features.
I think Wyze is doing a great job of this approach. They are pretty transparent about their feature list.
I would like to see them become more transparent about the product roadmap.

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Have you reviewed this category: #roadmap?


I’m supposed to be recommending a new camera system for our college and sadly I can’t recommend Wyze because they need multiple months storage and PC/web access.

As an aside, anyone have suggestions for good security, indoors, with microphones?

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Use they accept WyzeLab Cameras

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I’d love to but it does not appear to be available yet. Looks good though.

We have been pretty happy with the cameras overall. Because my husband and I have jobs that do not allow cell phone use its really annoying that we get notifications and have to leave the building only to find out that a bird flew past a window or is in the garage. Please get the pc functionality soonest. I cannot download applications to my work pc so it must be via the web site.

On another note. I have one camera that looks out a window and at night it is black with four red dots. Any idea why its doing that. Our other two do not.

Thank you.

Try turning on Person Detection

You’ve got your IR lights on the one.

The four red dots (assuming this is a V2 camera) are the infrared LEDs. They come on by default when night visions engages. If the camera is pointed at glass, the IR light will reflect off the glass and blind the camera. They can be turned off (disabled) in the camera’s Advanced Settings (gear menu).

google chromebooks that run android apps…

You better discuss it faster. I have one of the cubes and it works great but I bought two cameras from another company because I can view them on my PC at work and not use my data or drain my cell battery. No telling how many other people looking for home security cameras have bought from another company because you don’t have a PC app.


Probably a lot as WYZE does not sell home security cameras