View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

It would be great to have:

  • full clickability in the timeline.
  • 2x and 4x playback options
  • simple “advance to next video” and “go to preview videow” ability, so you don’t always have to go back ot the thumbnail matrix. (optional, a keyboard shortcut for this would be nice too)

Not sure what happened but Web View has completely failed at this point. I can login but that’s about it. The cameras are just static pictures from some point in the past and there is no “LIVE” view of anything. I click the camera and it just spins, and spins, and spins…The cameras are also now locked in a vertical format so you can’t even see more than 1-2 rows of cameras? - there is tons of wasted space in the shoulders. Who uses a PC monitor in a vertical format? Doorbell Pro still doesn’t work.

What’s the point of this again?

I have been experiencing the same issue using Microsoft Edge with six cams all different models from the V2 to the V3 floodlight with current FW. Not even sure what time frame they got the static pics from but they are weeks old. Even when a couple of them do happen to show something live it only lasts for a few minutes and freezes. Wyze should refund the unlimited annual Cam plus fee until they get this working but I just received a message that my subscription is up for renewal next month. This means this has been in beta and no progress for over a year.

How do I view the cams on my PC?


Go to Wyze support on Then to Wyze Web View FAQ and you should find everything you need there. It does not work that good at this time but I understand you will have your best chance if you use Chrome. I use Edge and it freezes about every 5 minutes if they even come up at all.

Works fine with Edge on Android

Web View is available on Wyze Cam V2/V3, and Wyze Cam Pan V2 with Cam Plus, or Cam Plus Pro subscriptions

Unfortunately I have windows 10 on my PC and it does not work well on that.

Just tried on Windows 11 with Edge and while one cam would only show the spinning circle the others loaded and streamed together fine. I have multiple v2 and v3 with a pan v2. The one that wasn’t loaded did work when I went to events and came back to live stream. Streamed for over five minutes.

That is the problem I have with 3- v3’s, 1 v2, 1 original pan and a Pan 2. Every now and then all 6 will stream but only for a few minutes, less than 10. Then I may get 4 to stream and reload the page and it may just stream 3, reload again and I may get 5. To inconsistent. Even when all six load like I said it is only for a few minutes. Maybe some day.

I don’t think it is a problem with Windows 10. I have Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) and my Wyze Cam v3 1080p HD is working well. I am able to view it via Microsoft Edge or Chrome equally well. We have a DSL internet connection with download speed around 70 MBPS.

Of course, a critical issue is the distance between your camera and the router for its WIFI connection.


I was not condemning windows 10. That comment was to a prior commentor that said his worked fine on android. As far as my routers, they are for the most part within 15 to 20 feet from the cameras. I get four out of four bars on four and the other two are at 3 bars and I have a 300 mbps download so I do not believe this is the problem. I also have cam plus. If you are only using one can that would be a big difference than trying to keep 6 streaming continuously. I have no big issues on streaming with my phone from any location once they all come up. It does seem suspicious that after certain fw updates my older cams need a little push once in a while to get them to stream.

Ability to view cameras on a PC

I would like to be able to view my cameras while at work on my desktop computer. Please make it possible to do this.

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Hey Seadog, you’re right!!! when it works it’s nice

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Yes, we’d all like our cameras to work on our computers. I currently have 4 out 6 streaming, the other two are “stuck”. This seems typical and, even though no longer a Beta (despite the fact the website says it is), it still sucks big time. Another wasted opportunity to actually do something for the customer - so they invest about $2.00 in the project and this is what we get.

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If you have the right viewing platform, the right browser, the right cam and Cam Plus, it works great. It’s a start, but it has a long way to go in order to satisfy the majority of users.

It is already “possible” to do this. The question is: Do you have all the qualifying elements to make it happen?

Some of those are: CamPlus, good network infrastructure at home, no restrictions at work (e.g. strict firewall rules), no browser restrictions on work computer, etc

This Web Browser viewing is very beta. Telling me there are downed cams that are active and accessible in the mobile app.

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So I just signed up for Cam Pro and can view my two pan cameras just fine in Firefox. But I was disappointed to find out why the product is called “Web View” because that’s all I can do, Apparently I can’t control the camera (pan, up/down, left/right) from my PC. Is this ability in the works?