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Well, we do know who #1 works for (Alexey now works for Wyze)…But it begs the question…

Who does number two work for?

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Please make local streaming capable using VideoLAN player on free plan for home use.

If there is someone from Tiny Cam Pro now working at Wyze, why not the Tiny Cam app adapted to a Windows app, not a web page?

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I cannot answer that myself. I know the creator of Tiny Cam, Alexey Vasilyev, created his Tiny Cam company back in June 2013. When Wyze came out with their cams, he reverse-engineered the Wyze API for Wyze to work with his company’s program. Wyze was apparently impressed with his skills and in October 2020 he was hired as a Senior Software Engineer but has apparently been allowed to continue keeping his personal company, Tiny Solutions LLC (of which I guess he is only a co-owner), totally separate as part of his employment contract.

I do not know much more than that. His company pre-dates Wyze, has it’s own income and includes support for MANY other companies’ cams besides just Wyze. Also, if he is “Co-owner” there could be limitations with what could be done without special negotiations.

As per a Windows app access, I am confident this will soon be available to everyone anyway. I was personally able to successfully install and use the Wyze App on Windows 11 for a while despite Android support being a Beta situation. People have also been able to fully install Google Play in Windows 11. Google has indicated they will be making a similar option available in both Windows 10 and Windows 11. I don’t think it would be worth the R&D to make a special Windows app if the Android version will soon be usable without any of those expenses or wasted time.


After some thought, I guess to be fair I should say there are several other 3rd parties I trust too that I overlooked…Google, Alexa, Apple (though I don’t use them), IFTTT (which I stopped using after their shenanigans), and probably a few others I haven’t considered…but those are all OFFICIALLY supported 3rd parties, so in a way it’s not the same thing…they’re basically the same as trusting Wyze…there are really only 2 unofficial third parties I trust so far.

Well there is a difference. When you link something like an Amazon skill you authenticate once against Wyze’s servers, I think on a Wyze landing page. It’s not the same as storing your password in a 3rd part app or server.

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This is why I did the LD Player and why I am so confused. Spectrum F-Secure warns against it, but MacAfee did not.

The user who posted it earlier was a new user, and also the site is non-secure, all look shady. Glad the admins took down the link for the fake app…

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Oh geez it took me until just now to realize that is probably a Prisoner reference and not a Mike Meyers reference. :frowning:

Glad a mod killed that bogus link (and gave good advice to change credentials).

I had to look up what that is, an Android emulator using VirtualBox. This is why emulators get a bad name, so much crap out there. If it were a legitimate installation you’d just use the regular Android Wyze app inside it. The new live view is a web based link that doesn’t need any emulators or a mobile OS at all anyway.

Some sage advice below, as found in a wiki at

Important Note: These emulators are usually closed source and while they’re distributed for free, their devs look for roundabout ways to monetize them. One such high profile case was BlueStacks. Make sure to check if there are pre-installed apps on your emulator (and disable them), monitor your Internet connection download caps and processor activity to detect any abnormal activity (and block domains accordingly if the need arises) and avoid as much as possible giving sensitive account data (just in case it’s key-logged). Besides basic safety, these precautions often make impacted emulators run much faster when the adware services and apps are turned off. Windows subsystem for Android is an exception, as Microsoft made it and monetizing comes from the Windows copy you brought.

Even better, just avoid them, or roll your own with the official Android Studio.

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I wanted to share that Beta WebView works fairly well via browser on my Mac Desktop, Windows Tablet, and Android Phone. This web view feature was excitedly anticipated, so thank you Wyze team for listening to the community and for allowing us to participate with the Beta testing.

I searched the forums and didn’t see a similar topic. I wanted to share that I keep getting ‘logged out’ of my Wyze web view account after about 5 minutes or so. I didn’t notice it at first because when I look at the screen, it looks like the feeds are still working. Upon closer inspection, the video images are actually ‘frozen’. No amount of refreshing the browser or touching the individual cameras via the web view interface ‘unfreezes’ the video image.

I set my OS settings to not sleep or otherwise not timeout (aka, always keep alive) to avoid software app or network connection issues but it didn’t seem to help.

My only fix is to re-login. I have this issue while using different web browsers; Safari and Chrome (also Microsoft Edge but I don’t think that’s really supported but thought I would mention anyway).

I know this is Beta and so no hurry or expectation. I just wanted to share.

I am not able to view Doorbell Cam (non-Pro). It has never worked for me. I did add it to CamPlus and it shows as being added and available. Just the Spinning Wheel. I have tried all of the “fixes” that I have seen here.
I know some people are able to get their Doorbell Cams working (not sure what version) because they have commented on how the video needs to be rotated.
I keep trying, hoping it will be worked out soon. So, I can stop using my iPad to view the camera.

If you first connect your wyze cams to Alexa, you can then watch your cameras on a Fire TV stick. Just press the voice button and say "Show camera ‘Driveway’ " or whatever you named the camera. It is nice to see it on the bigscreen

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I have this setup on Google Nest Hub, shows as Cameras for Wyze - touch and see or ask google and it shows the live stream… Need to test if this works on google tv with chromecast

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Having issues with one camera. Not sure why but it just spins and won’t connect to it. The other 5 that are on there work fine. But not this one camera. Any suggestions? And all the cameras work on the App.

Web view of camera still does not function on Firefox. I have been trying for the last few months with no luck.


hi, not sure at the moment i’m not using the doorbell at this time.

So is this ldplayer only accessing the password to the wyze camera or to the Google account or what?

I’ve no idea. “LDPlayer” itself, as merely an Android emulation environment, shouldn’t be accessing ANY of you passwords! I don’t know what you’re doing or why, but it doesn’t sound like a good way to access your cameras. Are you running the Wyze app inside LDPlayer?

You might want to take advantage of Windows’ new native Android support instead, and install the Wyze app that way. Or just do as I do and use TinyCam on a dedicated tablet.

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TLDR - where we at with this thing? still busted?