View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

problem with “ScrCpy” is I don’t want reliance on mobile device. Do you have to have phone on and running for it to work on windows? I noticed it when i first set dell up, but my first thought was great, now Dell, MS can track my phone data.

I beg for a proper login to webview, Having to constantly view that mess of a webpage and if you do picture in picture and go back to webview page it logs you out, I’m SICK of logging in to the webview!!! Set up authenticated login so it stays logged in to one device. Dropcam NEVER has an issue logging me out.

You have to pay for EACH cam subscription??? IN A BETA??? What a scam!

I understand your view, I posted a similar one. But, it’s a way to restrict the Beta somewhat, and provide data that can be used to improve things. I suspect they already have a huge laundry list of urgent issues.

It’s definitely early Beta, but it has gotten better. Battery cams and the doorbell are not yet supported though, which is fine for me.

My “spin” times are down, I can get there or more running. Image quality is great, sound okay. But the darn re login requests are driving us crazy still. And few user options on the view page. Events seem to be working well for me. My expectations are still high.


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Just tried and it worked for me (on camplus devices). This is great! A definite game changer being able to access from PC! Don’t get me wrong…it takes a long time to load, but very happy to see the progress. Well done!

Good point. As mentioned someone was able view the Outdoor Cam through the beta. So… Wyze may not officially support the cam (battery longevity issues and grouchy customers), but for those with panels or special case uses, it just may work.

the lack of a real time functioning Login authenticated Browser web view is limiting my purchase of more than a single camera, their own inaction is hurting their bottom line.

V3 is also outdoor cam but no battery.

I’ve brought up this point (outdoor cams using solar panels or even directly connected to power) many times. Unfortunately, no response from Wyze.

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Respectfully, try to be patient. The product is still in beta, and was only released for public testing a few weeks ago. I agree it has a long way to go before I would be happy with it, but I’m excited just to see it’s actively being worked on. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

I am a new WYZE Cam Out-Door user. I am looking for a Mac version of WYZE app. I searched this stream. It seems there is a WEB beta available but not Mac/PC version. Could someone confirm it? Wondering if the MAC version app is in plan or not?

Thanks, Q.Xie

There is no app for Mac or PC , only a web portal currently in beta testing, i doubt you are going to see any app for Mac or PC any time soon , if ever, likely never
There are apps for IOS and Android
At this time the wyze cam outdoor cameras are not supported on the web portal, those my or my not be added later

Can’t the iOS Wyze app run on M1 Macs though?

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Paid for Cam + just to get the PC web viewer, but it doesn’t work? Just has a spinning wheel whenever I select any camera to view from my desktop.

In webview, the video doorbell pro won’t load (spinning circle), however after a long time, my wyze cam v3 will finally load, but it takes ages to wait for it.

Tried multiple different browsers etc. disabled firewall etc, same issue.

I’ve found for me it works best Chrome browser. Maybe try a different browser?

I’m using Chrome, tried Edge too and Firefox… same thing on all of them.

If i go into the “events” tab and back to the live stream tab, i can see a still image of the cam’s view (from days ago) with a spinning circle overtop of it now.

Just some feedback - When I’m viewing a live stream in Chrome (PC, Windows 10) and close a different tab (the only tab other than Wyze view) I lose the view and have to open it up again. Seems like some kind of bug - an annoyance.

It says “redirecting to login page”, then I get a black window and need to press the Play button to get the view back.

(Just setup my first Wyze cam today; very impressed. The web access is important to me - I did pay for Cam+ to get it.)

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For me, the webview does not load until I stream the cam with one of my phones. At that point, the web piece works fine.

Also, now that web is here, the next key function is to be able to download the videos.