View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

In your case the solution is to not use companies that violate your personal beliefs.

I understand you are attempting to warn the rest of the world but I’m sure you understand how futile that is. :grin:


I agree, the lack of very simple web browser interface for all these years is a glaring failure of Wyze Tech Dept. We, their 2 million plus users would like a detailed explanation of WHY this has been withheld

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A simple browser and a simple dark mode,

That’s merely for convenience. The credentials only need to exist on the local device and aren’t doing anything when stored elsewhere except just that - being stored. You’re only “handing them over” so the setup wizard can configure the device. There is extraordinarily little risk of Amazon or Google or Wyze storing your WPA key.

I agree with the gist of your point though - local off-net control is imperative.

@pallsopp Wyze has always been a cloud control based company though, and you’ve always needed an account. I’m not sure how anyone would get to Wyze from the beginning if they weren’t ok with Cloud Control. Now they have a few new things that are disconnected (lights/vacuums/headphones), but those are all relatively new offerings. I’m not sure why anyone would complain about Cloud Control with Wyze, as it’s always been pretty required with them.

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you are correct, you can view the camera’s landscaped on an iPad, but when yo leave the Camera view everything changes back to portrait. I think this needs to be corrected.


That would be mean, especially since Chromium browsers don’t natively support ActiveX and IE11 is going away. :slight_smile:

I for one am looking forward to an HTML5 or Browser compatible setup for the Wyze App, even if the first release is going to be for streaming Camera’s.

The other product functions should be easy by comparison - it’s already all cloud controlled so you just need web based versions of the Wyze app menus. No streaming and NAT puncturing as required for the camera access.




I agree. I actually develop for Mobile and PC’s. We actually developed a framework to allow apps to be developed and deployed to any platform as long as you use the foundation we developed at work. So I know it is possible, some aspects will be a little more difficult but definitely doable.

I am just glad that they are now committed to doing it and are planning on releasing the first version this year, hopefully soon.

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You don’t have to be OK with something just because you’re forced into it. What’s the purpose of the cloud control? If videos are stored locally on an SD card, there is no need whatsoever for data to be exchanged with the cloud.

What happened to buying a product and being able to use all it’s features because you own them?

Consider Ring doorbell: If you want to save videos locally, you first have to purchase a video recording service in the form of a subscription. WTF?!!!

I would rather have local control of these devices but no one is being forced to buy Wyze or any other cloud based device.
Buying, and keeping, a device indicates that you are OK with it.

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In my case I was given it to hack and play with. I use it as a development platform, not for its intended use. I just have an opinion, that all.

I like hacking these types of things because you find interesting things out, like with the Ring doorbell, which send the video it records to the cloud, then back to your phone, when your doing. a live preview. That means that even if you do not sign up for a subscription, they still stream your video to the cloud.

In a time when privacy really matters, you are forced to hack these devices to find out what they are doing, because I’m not OK with companies selling my data…and that’s what’s happening in many of these cases.

You don’t have to hack these cameras to know that your video is being sent to a cloud storage. It may not be evident to the average user though.
You may not be OK with companies selling your data but if you use the devices and software you have given your consent.

Not sure what value our video has though.

Video value??? Depends on what the camera is filming

I just finished up a contract with a company where we scan FB profiles (millions of them) and scan the images since the last time we scanned. We then use that data along with machine learning code we wrote to identify product logos or product packaging in the images.

We had a huge client base who wanted to know how to best target their marketing campaigns, and that was one of the tools we developed to help them. That along with demographic data on the account, and scanning the posts people made for relevant keywords, allowed us to inform the clients where they need to increase marketing.

People don’t have to allow you to use their public information, as long as they haven’t opted out, it’s free.

Actually I was shocked to find Ring sending the video up to Amazon before sending it to my phone when in live preview. I mean, it’s called “Live Preview”, so it’s not supposed to be a recording.

Thanks. That is interesting.

I have cooked up a workable and durable means of viewing Wyze V3 Cam video streams on a PC, developed as a proof of concept project. All are welcome to check it out. You will need a Google account, such as Gmail, to access the g-drive share designated below. Please be sure to read the accompanying documentation before proceeding on your equipment. Even if you don’t find my efforts terribly useful, you will probably find the results at least somewhat interesting. I’ll be working to further advance the project (soon) to include a VM solution as well.