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I use Bing. What can I download to use WYZE Camera? Simple.

Love, linda.:rose:

I cannot express how important this feature is for me!

I suggest you give the RTSP firmware a try, then you can view it on PC with VLC or with software like iSpy, BlueIris (not free), if you know Linux you can even try Shinobi or ZoneMinder.

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Using the RTSP firmware will prevent the camera from supporting any future functions or features in the Wyze App.

Defeats the purpose for me.

Imagine you are at work and you get an event alert on your phone. You want to view the event on a larger screen (your PC screen) for better clarity. you can’t download apps/software due to employers restrictions.

Is there a way to access your Wyze account from a web browser to view video?


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Thanks. I was hoping that it already existed and that it was me that couldn’t find it


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It’s unlikely this would be a web-browser-based function. I install professional surveillance systems, and while those do have web interfaces, they are almost always clunky or sluggish. The dedicated app always works better. However, they publish those apps for Win and Mac, and they’re fairly universal across that genre of product. The Wyze product was apparently not designed in that eco system, so the PC/Mac app would be something completely fresh.

That said, and from my prospective as one who installs the pro stuff, the Wyze product is literally a giant killer from just about every aspect. There are just a tiny handful of features that set it apart from full-blown systems, and remote access from all devices is one of them. Once that’s done, they could easily go head to head with the big guys.

The other missing features would be: Outdoor cameras (yeah, the housings is easy, the power issue, not so much). Lens choices…sometimes you don’t want wide angle, you need detail and reach, so at least one more lens option would be great. Unified full-system storage for 30 days would be the last thing (probably not cloud-based). Then you’ve beaten everything up to serious industrial gear that goes above 1080p, does PoE, and full remote PTZ.


I have to disagree about the giant killer. Wyze cameras have absolutely horrible sound quality. I can never understand what is being said nor can they understand that tinny speaker.


What would you expect on this price range… anyway, its highly requested for V3, probably Wyze will do and if they do will likely increase the price too.

I concur with you 100%. Definitely the Mic must be improved! So as speaker… most of the time we can’t understand what is said. Will see when.

Oh, I’m not dissing on a $25 webcam. I’m just saying it is certainly no giant (real surveillance camera) killer.

Have you heard the mic on a $300 pro camera?

The problem isn’t completely the microphone, it’s the entire acoustic environment. The mics in cameras are primarily omni-directional because of their low profile (directional mics are physically large). They pick up sound from every directly nearly equally. The space they’re in is full of acoustically reflective surfaces, which jumbles up the sound arriving at the camera, which is almost always quite some distance away from the sound source. No mic in that environment would work well.

As to what you get from a pro-grade camera, the sound quality might be slightly better, but you won’t get 10X better sound for 10X the price. Physics are working against you.

We generally don’t even enable sound (and many cameras don’t include it at all) in pro installations because there’s a legal problem: you can’t legally record sound without notifying people in the area, which blows the “cover” of the camera. Between that and outdoor cameras, most of our installed cameras, have sound disabled to save a bit of bandwidth.

It’s sort of a shame there’s a speaker in the camera, it implies good two-way communication. In a quiet and acoustically dead room, it does work fairly well. It’s a nice feature, but it’s definitely no substitute for a real intercom. It’s not really a valid means of comparison of camera quality, it’s a add-on feature because they could.

If you want better sound, move the camera to a location closer to the source. That applies with every mic in every device.

Actually no, I’ve only hear it on roughly $950/camera setups and I can hear every word.

Like I said, not a giant killer but maybe the mid range security cameras.

Of course those $950 have terrible speakers but their purpose was not speaking to the person but recording their speech.

Again…unless you compare the two cameras audio performance in identical spaces and situations, you’re comparing apples and potatoes. In the wrong room, a designed-to-purpose conference room mic system is hard to understand, and in the right room a $1 mic capsule is perfectly clear. It really has very little to do with the camera and mic.

The Wize product effectively “kills” the giants all the way up to the point where increased resolution or DR, lenses, and camera performance becomes a requirement. 90% of what we install daily is matched or beaten in performance by the Wize product, until you need the features I outlined above. The performance of the sub-$100 (retail) IP camera is mostly beaten by the Wyze product in all aspects except outdoor mounting.

I’ve never had a client specify a camera based on audio quality, it’s just not a factor, and as I said, we don’t even enable the feature. I don’t have an issue with the sound quality in either direction on my personal Wyze cameras, but the acoustic environment they’re in is pretty good.

Thank you for the update.
Keeping us in the loop takes only a second of your valuable engineering time but is really appreciated.

If this can be done with a third party app, do have a recommendation for one that works well?

i wish i had that amount of space to use
how about 132 tb of space 98% full

Thank you Irony58! I wish I was as elegant as you when writing.

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If you aren’t duplicating data, that is one whole pile of stuff - is it personal or business?