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very interesting. I had an older router and was having similar issues with it, I think the fact that it was like 10years old and I had added way to many devices to it was its issue, it worked great with a few cams and some plugs. but now i have 12 cams and bunch more plugs and switches. I upgraded to a mesh system from linksys a MR9600 for the main and 2 MR7300 for the 2 nodes. the device load is spread fairly evenly across the system. my plugs and switches seem to be stable, just the cams slow down and or stop, disconnect and reconnect. The V2’s seem to have slightly more issues than the V3’s.
So, I will give it a try and reset the wifi mesh back to factory and set it all up again and see what happens. I may try turning on the guest and moving all Wyze stuff to that also. That is about the only steps I have not tried yet. thanks for the advice and got my fingers crossed that one of the 2 things fixes it.

So, I too was having issues with cams dropping, and to a small extent still do, but I enabled this setting, WiFi Agile Multiband, on my Asus AX11000 router, and the cams behave much better now.


Signed up for Cam Plus on one of my cameras to try this today. Never ending spinning circle on two different computers. Still no reason to subscribe. Time to cancel the free trial :confused:

What browser? Does not work on FF…

Chrome and Edge, two different computers.

finally found web view and it shows all cams offline - on my MBP with OS 10.14.6 using safari 14.1.2 - cam plus shows six cams but only allows 5 active at one time!!! The ones showing active are showing offline no matter what I do - reloaded the page several times and it reordered the cams with play buttons on them all - hitting the play button on one generates a never ending spinning dial - not sure why I am paying for 7 cams on annual plans when cam+ only allows 5 at a time - hope someone can answer that for me - in addition cam view with a cam+ subscription should work for all those licenses not just 5!!!

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Also - every time I try to reload the page for web view it asks me to allow Wyze to use my microphone - can anyone answer why Wyze would want to use the microphone of the computer I am using to view the web view page??? Seems like more privacy encroachment to me - I turned on a few devices the other night and altho I turned off the garage when I went thru the door it triggered an alarm - Wyze and Noonlight tried to contact me - all attempts failed and they were going to contact authorities until I called them to turn it off - nothing I did would turn it off even tho Noonlight monitoring was never enabled - how would that happen???

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Also - apparently in addition to paying for multiple cam plus licenses when they only support 5 - many of my devices are not supported including video door bell pro - and early version cams - so - of the 10 devices I have only 3 apparently are supported for web view even tho nothing plays - and - asking every time I load the page to gain access to my microphone so you can hear me cussing at you is not appropriate - please disable your request for access to my microphone on my laptop and desktop and phone thru web view!!!~!

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Love this feature and working great with my 1 camera on CamPlus. However, I noticed that even though the camera is on CamPlus, signing into the website as a user that the camera is shared with brings up the message that this feature requires CamPlus.

In case that wasn’t clear, there is a CamPlus subscription on the account and when logged in as the account owner (user A) I can view the camera in the browser. That camera is also shared with another user (user B) and when signing in as user B, the camera is not viewable in the browser and presents the message that this feature requires CamPlus.

I don’t believe in this case that User B could even subscribe that camera to CamPlus since they are not the owner and only a shared viewer. Could you make it possible for a CamPlus camera to viewed by multiple (even if that’s a limited number) shared users? Family members (or in the case of business cameras, co-workers) would like to make use of this feature as well.


long ‘beta’ periods?
Google invented the near permanent ‘beta’.
Gmail - 5 YEARS!


Can shared users view/stream on PC/browser?

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We will hopefully know this evening…


I wanted to say thanks to Wyze for opening up web access to Live Stream and Events for all (non-plus) users during Wyze Week (Oct 24 to Oct 29) and in fact I noticed my session was allowed to continue until 10/30, which was a plus (pun intended).

Live stream Web view is a cool feature and like most of you this was my #1 request. I especially like how you can pop-out the video from the context menu with virtual picture-in-picture. I’ve read that in the near future Chrome will allow expanding the size of the virtual PiP beyond the current limit of 25% of the screen size.

I’m looking forward to when Live stream grows out of beta and opens up to all users. Hope it will be soon. Until then, I’ll make do with my monitor’s native PiP with a Fire Stick in the 2nd HDMI slot, it works quite well :wink:

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So, finding this to be a very useful feature. I’ve splurged on Cam Plus this year for all 5 of our cams, mostly to see how it compares to my own onsite motion detection efforts. Unfortunately, one of those cams is a Doorbell Pro, so we can’t see the live view for it. it’s still very helpful to be able to look at events in a browser window on a big monitor rather than a more confining smartphone (in my case, 5.5 inch) screen. If only we could manipulate our recorded views in the same way! Sometimes the whole “drag with your finger in a tiny little space” thing gets old, at least for me. FYI, for the dev team, I’m using the latest Chrome on Linux and everything seems to be working just fine.

Wyze Dev will have to comfirm for sure, but I believe the request for access to mic on any computer is a function of the browser &/or OS.

Thanks so much for browser view! Do you plan on implementing download from web browser for Events?

Are there any plans to have a customizable matrix so you only select the cameras you want to see?

Additionally, why not add the events on a linear timeline just below the live feed so a user does not have to switch between Live Stream and Events tab all the time? I get the purpose of the Events tab to be able to search all cameras at once, but if a user knows what they’re looking for, the user would just look at the events below the live stream…it would make the UX and UI even better.

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Hi, would like to view playback of the video on the SD card in my camera. I have not been able to find a way to do that on web view.

Is there a way to do this or is that not an option?


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the browser only responds to requests for access - why do I have to deny it every time I try to view cams?

Is it possible to disable access to web-view? The availability over the internet of live streams and events opens the door for security and privacy exposures. I would like to have the ability in my subscription to enable/disable web-view for specific cameras (and their associated event streams). I could not find a provision for that, in its absence should be able to enable-disable for all cameras/events in the subscription.

Any plans/roadmaps for a ‘disable’ functionality?