View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

utilizar programa para computadora o pagina web para visualizar las camaras

tener un programa de escritorio o una pagina web donde se pueda visualizar las camaras, y tener las funciones de la aplicación como tiene otras empresas de camaras como hikvision

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Use a computer program or web page to view the cameras

Have a desktop program or a web page where you can view the cameras, and have the functions of the application as other camera companies like hikvision have.

I am an ISTQB certified software tester. I am a Wyze client now for nearly 3 years. I would love to test and troubleshoot as I am familiar with your product and see that there could be many improvements. Would love to connect with the product team for the roadmap, along with the developers. I love Wyze and would love to be part of the team. Thank you

Well Wyze guys, Herein lies a great opportunity

Welcome to the community.

Hey! Me Too! Yay for QA!

Currently, Wyze just has people sign up for Beta testing help. First read & follow the following to apply for Software and hardware testing help:

Wyze does have another Beta Group on Facebook that often does some Software testing. In fact that is where this Webview was first tested before it was expanded out to the public Beta status it now has. So if you have Facebook you might check out that Beta group too.

Those are the main ways that Wyze looks into help for software and hardware testing opportunities at this time.

I wish wyze cam can be view in our PC desktop

Making app compatible with iOS and Microsoft Lap Tops

Please make the app compatible with laptop and desktop computers.

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And Chromebooks, of which WYZE is already half(?) way there. ie: Android phone app

• Samsung Galaxy Book Go 5G (WINDOWS) Doubles as my desktop when at home and my permanent sidekick at work.
• Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go
• Samsung Chromebook PLUS V2

If you got a machine that can run the docker-Wyze-bridge (open source on GitHub) - well maintained with decent info for installing and configuring - easiest to me is on win 10 or Linux then using docker-compose to configure. Unfortunately I t’s not for the non-tech at this point. The dev is active on GitHub with help, but it still requires a certain level of computer know-how. If you are able, you can at least get a nice web view:

These are snapshots with an adjustable refresh period. The stream type buttons link to a live view of the streams depending on what your browser can display. HLS seems to work on iOS. But I’m also using rtsp stream to get the feeds in homekit using scrypted. Homebridge plug-ins can also use the rtsp stream for HomeKit. I particularly like being able to rotate my Entry cam view which Wyze has ignored, even though they do it for the doorbell since the native stream is landscape but our app view is rotated before it gets to us. The unfiltered stream in the bridge is sideways and requires a rotation filter. Certainly not hard for Wyze to offer a toggle to apply the rotation to any cam, clearly they don’t care enough to bother.

Would also be interesting to see if Wyze is actually using some of the same source code from these developers.


ChemEngr, I see these two available to me when I search for Wyze:


I’m new to the docker world… I’ve a QNAP NAS I can easily install docker containers on, but other than being able to ‘spell’… ‘docker’… this is a new adventure for me.


Sorry, I’m not good on this. Can anyone show me step by step how to install app on my PC desktop windows 10. Is that the same installing app to the cell phone?

I got pc desktop windows 10. Could you show me step by step how to install docker-wyze-bridge in my desktop? Sorry, I’m not good on this.

I’m using mrlt8/wyze-bridge:latest

I believe there are some other users with various NAS that can run it in a docker container. My NAS is too old to run actual apps beyond the samba server and a few others for ftp or web - its fine for storage but not much else. I still had my old 2nd gen i5 desktop so pulled a drive out of an old laptop that was starting to fail and plunked it into the desktop, updated win 10 and all the drivers and set it up to run docker desktop which includes docker-compose. It’s running well for the most part. Check the readme and/or wiki - may answer all your questions. I just setup a folder on C: drive that was easy to access for my docker-compose.yml file, copied the example, edited it for my specific cams, followed the instructions and it works - it even can display my old beta doorbells that I’m still using for live streaming. There’s also pertinent info in the discussions and issues sections.

Ya, sorry - I don’t believe its really ready for anyone not good with setting up configuration details or using the command line. There is no GUI yet so not easy for those only used to running software in windows or OSX type environment. You can have a look at the instructions at mrlt8/wyze-bridge:latest on github. He does layout the install steps for different methods like windows, linux, docker raspberry pi, etc. Personally I think its best to run on a separate machine than one’s primary PC. A raspberry Pi makes for a good cheap little server for it. I just happen to have some old PCs laying around I’ve been able to use otherwise I’d get a R-Pi.

ok I will try to check on that link. Thanks

I’m not running Docker, yet.

Our caretaker’s phone in Nicaragua cannot download the app - there is not enough memory/data space. They have very simple phones here. We need a desktop version - They have a laptop and wifi.

If you have a paid subscription you can use the web view via browser but I believe they’ll need your login - not sure if a shared user login will work. I would think someone here knows for sure.

Only other option I can think is to setup a pc on your end to display the web view, then use something like the free teamviewer app so that pc screen can be shared. I used the commercial teamviewer at a company for remote access to support users at home. It worked well for us.

The Fire 7 tablet was $30 a couple of days ago. Use that or an old phone, install or sideload the Wyze app, and send it to them? Any old smart phone will work fine on their WiFi, even without active cell service.

Or maybe pick up a Chromebook for $100 and send that…

Edit: Sorry I wasn’t clearer - this was addressed to @tamarastenn

I have an old pc desktop that has windows 10 is the one I’m trying to use for wyze cam.

I would like add that features RTSP and easy to connect my ASUSTOR NAS Surveillance as well, So I can read locally IP address and port… This way I can capture built in SD as primary and NAS will be handle live and recorded 24/7 and cloud as my backup…