View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

Since RTSP stands for Real Time Streaming Protocol, it would certainly suffice. Comments to the contrary leave out that RTSP works in VLC, QuickTime, RealPlayer and several other 3rd party apps without the needs for an Android emulator.

I find it puzzling this was not included in the initial design.

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Welcome to the forum. WYZE has released a RTSP camera firmware.

Thanks for adding the link @Loki.

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Thanks for the reply. I have no issue with using the iOS/Android app but for those wanting RTSP, this is great news! For my purposes, having an app on my phone I can use to check my feeds is great. Currently, I don’t -need- the RTSP functionality but I may need to install a home-brew security system and I do know RTSP is required. RTSP does make using the cameras with the OpenSource security camera package ‘Zoneminder’ possible. I would like to encourage Wyze to stick with the RTSP development line.

Um, the previous reply (DeanSmith Jan 24, the second and last reply directly under original post) is really besides the point. There’s no assumption it needs to be a local firmware IP web server with port forwarding. It can be a web delivered AJAX app (or even standalone executable) that pulls exactly the SAME streams that the phone apps already do.

I use my Android phones to see the Wyze cams but often I would prefer to use my computer (Windows 10). The only way I have found to do this is with BlueStacks but I don’t need that program for anything else and it is a resource hog. Any chance of getting an app just for the Wyze cams for Windows?

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Hence the topic, ya know.

Sorry this is a merged wishlist submission. Forgot to edit the post to say that earlier.

I would be happy if the Android app could download on Chrome OS again.

The good news is you saved me an hour of research because I was going to try that.

The bad news is you can’t.

Keep an eye out because that may come back.

Or can you load an old version of Chrome OS and do that?

OH, YES! PLEASE make a way to select multiple events and import all at once !!! Or be able to send them easily to computer!!!
P L E A S E ???

It would be great if the PC/Browser view is more like a dashboard to take advantage of the (potentially) much larger screen. I made a suggest in this thread for that: New product - Multi-Display gadget or digital dashboard - #2 by wyzoCam

Update: found a better wishlist item that describes what a PC/Browser view could do: More devices displayed on one screen (tiled view) - #15 by wyzoCam

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voting for this!

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Wyze needs to get on the ball and make these items available. It would really be nice to be able to watch and control our cameras from our desktop. Please get this going.


Good news, since Wyze dropped support for RTSP I began to look for another cam solution. For many automation folks out there, who needs to use cams in conjuntion with HomeAssistant or OpenHub, we need to see at least our cams in our browser. Perhaps WebRTC can do the job as well. My upvote for a web version, not a desktop one, everyone has a browser, but not everyone uses Windows or mac, specially if you are using HA or OH.

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When did that happen?

Supposed to be a mistake / temporary.

They had a beta firmware with RTSP support, but they dropped the support for that firmware like a year or so…

EDITED: I can see it seem they changed their mind and a month ago and released a newer RTSP firmware version and they say now they eventually release a beta firmware

So, my information was outdated, but who knows, they can change their mind again. I hope they don’t.

It actually seems consistent. Your first quote has them saying the RTSP branch will be updated infrequently, and that’s what has happened.

Agree. Anyway, it sounds ambiguous to me when they stated “Using the RTSP firmware will prevent the camera from supporting any future functionality additions and bug fixes”. For me that means end of support by all means.
If you see the newer announce, they removed preisely that statement. Don’t know if because they recognize that sounded ambiguous or because many people complained about end of support for the beta firmware last year and the reconsidered to release a newer beta version this year.

Anyway, it’s a good new they still release a version with RTSP, I’m going to burn it on my cams as soon as I can to integrate them into HA.