View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

I just did a bit more research, and found that the ChromeBox, uses the Chrome OS (D’uh), and doesn’t run Apps. It’s not Android.

I like your idea. Thanks.

I use an Android TV box. They are a lot cheaper than a Chromebox.
I have it running tinyCam Pro server so I can view my cameras on my work PC browser.
I also run the Wyze app so I can view cameras on a 50" TV.

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Thank you for that suggestion. I’ll also look into that today.

Meanwhile, I finally found the secret to getting my Blink cameras to show up on my Alexa 8" Show. That’s cool, and just a voice command brings up the camera. Small screen, and not full time, or split screen, but it was a tiny “Ta Dah!” victory yesterday. It’s easier than looking for the phone or tablet.

I tried this using a old nvida shield tablet but it always ends up crashing sooner or later. I can’t figure out why, maybe over heating. The most it last is 24 hours. Tablet might just be to old.

Every once in a while, I’ll find one of my tablets has gone to sleep so the screen is black, but I think that just has something to do with the Android system updating or something. That only happens once every couple weeks at most. The Wyze app and camera feeds rarely crash though on mine. Actually, I take that back, I had a problem for a while where the feed would drop, but working with Wyze support, it was determined that it was due to my wife having some cameras grouped on her app (shared under her own account) and when she would access one of the cameras, it caused the feed of my side door camera to drop on the tablets. Once she ungrouped the cameras, the problem went away and hasn’t come back in months. So that is a Wyze App bug.

My tablets are not new, One is an 8" Samsung Galaxy Tab A from 2015 and the other is a very old 10" HP Touchpad that originally had Web OS and I loaded a Cyanogen Mod Android OS on it years ago. That tablet is from 2011 I think.

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Wyze team - We really need a Wyze app that will work with the Windows 10 software. Please keep us informed with your progress.

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Wyze team, definitely need a Win10 app to view multiple Wyze cameras. Let’s get into 2020, please!


They’re on it but I’d say more like 2021.

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I just ordered one of $60 Chinese Android 9 “TV” boxes, which will arrive this weekend. Won’t be getting to it until early next week, but will update here.

For the weekend, I’ll be installing 7 solar panels for the 7 outdoor cameras not close to power outlets. (At 75, maybe just 2 a day is plenty).

I actually did a spreadsheet to calculate expected hourly charge & draw from the various cameras - which will help decide/schedule the overnight features active on each camera, especially the IR lighting. It looks like I won’t need a USB power bank “booster” for any of the cameras. I also have a few motion tripped solar LED lights to help with that.

Hey, guys - thanks for your input. It is very helpful.

Are you going with tinyCam server on the box?
If so, I can answer questions for you if they come up.

Angus. Thank you.

I got this box:

I tried it on my little home office TV, and I used the Wyze App. Being completely new to the Android OS, I stumbled around, and then the Wyze cams came up!

I put things aside, until the new wireless keyboard & “mouse” arrive. The ones that came with the Android box are beyond pathetic!

I probably won’t get back to this end of the “project” for a week or so; when I get more of the outdoor array of cameras mounted, and connected to solar panel power supplies.

I’ll keep your email notice handy; especially since I have Wyze, Blink & ReoLink cameras. TinyCam Pro is the obvious choice.


same here until it’s an option ill just stick with the one or if another company makes it possible for the same price

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Can you post a link to one or more?

I really like the tinycam solution with bluestacks. It has a surprising number of controls for the camera and is very easily configured. But a PC client would be awesome

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Bluestacks works perfectly on my 2012 MacBookPro with 12 gb ram. Maybe some with problems need to just add more ram - very inexpensive and will improve their computers across the board.

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Processing power is a thing when you have a lot of cams. My I3 starts pegging at 6 cameras. Memory isn’t too bad - I only have 4GB

I hadn’t thought of that - good point!

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I was asking the person I responded to to show me a camera or two that are the same price as Wyze. I don’t think I’ve seen any.


Reolink E1 is one. Look at Amazon mate

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