View From A Wyze V3 —— fluffy clouds or...?

View from my V3 this morning.

Pretty Heavy Fluffy Cloud Cover? Or …

Or buried under a 1/4 inch of ice and three inches of snow?

And if it’s buried, in which hump is the V3 hiding ?



you’re not going to capture any meteors that way :man_facepalming: :rofl:


Don’t I know it! I missed the peak of the Quadrantids last night because of the storm.

Real bummer.

I’m going to dig out the V3 today and hope to catch a straggler in the dark night sky tonight.


Ha! Looks like you’ve got a failure on the V3 Deicing Controller. :grin:

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@dr.know I just went out to dig out my V3.

The heat of the V3 actually melted an “ice cave” around the V3 … including freeing the iced-in base of the v3 from the cast aluminum table top.

I was also surprised that the V3 continued to receive a WIFI signal through the snow pack. But then again, I have no clue how WIFI works and whether it would be affected by snow.

I think in time, the heat from the V3 would have melted the roof off the ice cave and been back on duty, searching the night skies for meteors.

At any rate, all is well that ends well. Now if I can catch the “tail end” of a few meteors tonight, I’ll be a happy camper.

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Ahh, good to hear. The WOC is very low power and doesn’t emit enough heat. Like those V3’s

Yea! Early in the morning, on the last day for the Quadrantids (1/12) meteor shower, the night time skies cleared and I captured a meteor. The snow and ice had blocked my attempts. But at 5:01:40 am CST this morning, the V3 recorded this meteor (right, center of screen, flashes quickly.).


Ok, scrolling through the “record” on the Wyze V3 micro-sd card, I found another “end of the meteor shower” Quadrantid meteor from yesterday morming. Top center of screen.

Pretty spectacular (if I don’t say so myself). @Bam @Omgitstony @WyzeDongsheng

Hopefully Wyze will re-open V3 orders soon. I need to order a bunch more.