View Camera While Turning Outlets/Bulbs On and Off

So I was camped out at the hospital all week and I got bored and wanted to pester my wife at home. I started turning the lights on and off but it would have amused me even more if I could have been watching her reaction on one of the cameras. It took her a few minutes to figure out it was me.

Probably not a realistic request but it sure would have been fun and helped me pass the time.


If you’ve got the devices, logging into on two phones, or a phone and a tablet would allow this.


Ive been doing mock up designs for a way to do just this. considering the unused space on the app screen when viewing a single camera, its there, but I dont know how hard implementation would be. I should have something done soon as an idea.

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Keep in mind that the blank space on the V2 screen is filled with the D-pad on the Pan’s screen.