Video won't download to phone w/ new "complete motion"

Good evening Wyzers:

Hoping you can help, I am BEYOND frustrated.

I signed up for the new complete motion pilot which captures clips longer than 12 seconds. I went out of town and have video footage of my house sitter DISABLING the security camera.

For some reason, I am unable to download this video. The video is THERE but when I go into the specific video from events tab in the app, it spins and spins and tells me the network times out. Once it times out, the video picture is there but when I push play, it turns white.

Things I’ve tried: rebooting phone, rebooting model, turning off wifi and using mobile data, trying it on a different device (FYI, not compatible w Chromebook). All produce the same result so I believe the wyze network is timing out. Every other video works, is able to be downloaded, even if it’s a complete motion video of 5 min long.

I have literally been emailing Wyze support for two weeks and today I escalated by calling in, only to have a manager respond helpfully by telling me to reboot my phone.

I called in again, the techs are great, while the manager is sitting in HQ, telling me, get this, that I need a COURT SUBPOENA to get footage OF MY OWN HOME off their server.

This video expires on Monday.

Any ideas? Wyze completely failed me on this one. (Thank you to all the techs who tried). Please be forewarned if you’re ever in this situation!

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Don’t get mad at me for this reply since I do like “complete motion”. Do you have an SD card installed in the camera and set to capture events? If so, then very likely what you want to view is on the SD card and can be replayed from the WYZE app on your phone. Sorry I can’t help with the cloud storage since I’m a newbie regarding that part.

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No SD card but the technician confirmed somethings wrong w the cloud.

Also the videos I AM able to download have mo sound? Even when played w VLC. She says that’s a known issue w the app.

Very frustrating.

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