Video takes a little longer to load on ipad than on smartphones

On ipad it shows ‘1/3’ ‘2/3’ then ‘3/3’, but on smartphones the video just loads instantly

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Hello. This is actually standard on iPhones also. I have an iPhone 8 plus, my wife has an iPhone 7 Plus and we get the 1-2-3 sometimes also. Not every time but sometimes. And I have a iPad air third generation and it happens on it too. It kind of just depends on your Internet speed, how many devices are active at that time, any interference etc. and how everything is working at that particular time.

If it’s taking a long time or multiple times to go through the 1-2-3 then you have an issue.

Why does it happen on my ipad but not my phone though? They’re both always used on the same wifi connection.

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That I can’t answer. Is your phone number faster than your iPad? I just know what happens on both our phones and the iPad. It just kind of depends on how many Wi-Fi devices I have going at that particular time

One other thing to take into mind is the Apple has an operating system specifically for iPad now where they used to run the exact same iPhone operating system. So they have iPadOS now. Maybe that’s the difference