Video playback freezes and continues playing without showing entire detection

Has anyone turned off all the Smart Detection settings on a camera to see if it resolves? My pauses all seem to be around a ‘smart detection event’, mostly with people. Almost as if the categorization and processing of these ‘Smart’ events is happening on the camera, and it’s too much load to both identify and record.

I have a v3 camera inside my house that freezes so it is not temperature related. I believe it is buggy Wyze camera firmware released last fall. Pulling the power cord for a few seconds fixes my v3 for about a week then I have to pull the cord again.

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This happens to all my cameras V2/ V3/ Pan cam etc. and has since last fall. I have smart plugs on all cameras in case I have to recycle the power and recycling does nothing for the issue. Changing event recording modes from record motion events to Smart detection event does nothing. I believe like someone has already stared a bad firmware release and maybe with that a cloud server issue. So revert the last firmware release and reboot the cloud servers its not rocket science.

Here is another thread on the same issue with more info on the problem and sample videos.

I turned off smart detection and the issue is still there.

That worked! (for me) Thank you so much, StevenA. Since I have the cameras set to record “All other motion”, I went ahead and turned off all the Smart Detections - Oh, I guess that was someone else’s suggestion - and then I unplugged the v3 and plugged it back in and it worked. No more freezing up! That said, we shouldn’t have to be put through this and I will be vigilant for having to repeat the process if/when the lag returns.
Thanks again!

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This does not work for everyone. I have tried it a multitude of times over the course of the past 3-4 months to no avail

It’s absolutely not the smart detection. On one of my cameras, I don’t have smart detection on at all, it’s set to record and detect all motion events, and that’s it.

This is still going on for well over 6 months now, I am paying for cam plus, and this should have been fixed a long time ago.

This problem has been plaguing my v3 cameras since at least December. At that time it was communicated they were looking into it but we’ve seen nothing other than empty promised timelines. I rely on these cameras for peace of mind, and they are no longer providing that. I had subscribed to Cam plus for the impacted cameras, but since the features are useless in the current state I’ve decided to cancel that subscription. Thankfully I never depended on them for full monitoring.

I am in the process of wiring up some IP Cameras to phase out my use of wyze cameras. I post this here in hopes that it can help someone at Wyze understand why users are leaving. I wish Wyze success in their future ventures, its no longer a camera product for me.

I discovered that the issue resolves itself for a short time if you restart the camera… Generally when you restart the camera the freezing doesn’t happen for a day or so before starting up again… SO I created a rule so that at 1AM every day my camera restarts… poof… issue gone… no more freezing

Clear wyze can’t find a fix for it… so set a rule to restart your camera every day at like 1AM or something… After I did this, the random freezing stopped.

Set a rule for your camera to restart every day at like 1AM… I learned after trial and error that the freezing resolves for a day or two after restarting camera… So after I set a rule for daily restart… the freezing went away totally… Hope it doesn’t return lol.

this does not work for me.

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Restart has never worked for me yet. But I did set up the rule just for the heck of it.

I have the same issues, as soon as something is detected the camera records it and then freezes. Then it jumps to the end of the playback. Restarted, unplugged everything I could think of. I like the cameras but why keep them if they’re not doing their intended purpose. Looking into other oprtions to just replace.

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After a few more days, the freezing has at least gotten a little better.
Now its random if it will freeze or not, and now when it does its back to just a few frames again instead of like three secs. So setting the rule does help for a majority of the time. thanks

Same issue here as well with cam lite and Cam plus.

Im looking at a fews of ours and my event’s are playing back just fine…there from V3,V3-PRO, and OG models

I am having the same issue. It is always around a “smart detection”. Playback of all other recordings is fine. This essentially means that the only things my camera doesn’t record are motion events, which makes them pretty damned useless.

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