Video play back

Trying to figure how to access video play back that appears when I get an alert. I like it much better than the bar. Seems I can only access it from an alert notification. Is there another way that I’m not figuring out? Her is a pic of the playback I would like to access any time, not just from notification. Thanks108490017_280500803224978_6658940522905541939_n

Welcome to the forums! By bar, do you mean notification bar or a motion notification on your device? In the event tab that you posted, just click on an event to open it’s video. Are you looking for the SD card local storage? Do you have a SD card in the camera? Just go into the live view of a camera and press the playback button.

I think the best answer to the question is;

  1. Launch the Wyze app.

  2. Click “Events” on the very bottom of the screen.


lol it was so simple. Thanks so much.


You’re welcome. It was a little tricky to read that between your lines but I took a shot. :wink:


I thought it was something else because they posted a picture of the events tab, thinking that they knew how to get that far.

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