Video lag on Android - not iPadOS

I have 1 Cam v3 and a Pan Cam. I also have an iPad and TWO android phones.

I’ve noticed when viewing streams from either (all connected to my home Wifi - and not using “cell” data) that both the Android streams are extremely laggy. The iPad is near instantaneous. One of the Android streams is about 4 seconds behind, the other one is almost 20!

I cna repeat this consistently. Given that the iPad always works, it suggests that the problem is not with my WiFi network.

This is particularly annoying when using the Pan Cam as, while the camera immediately responds to me moving it via the app, the video is 20 seconds behind so it’s hard to point the camera as you have to move it, wait 20 seconds to see where it “landed”, then maybe move it again, waiting another 20 secs, etc. etc…

I’ve seen earlier posts here saying to enable hardware decoding, but I don’t see that option.

Any ideas?

You can try enabling hardware decoder for Android devices if it isn’t already. That always fixed lag on my old Android devices.
To do that, in the app click “Account” at the bottom of the screen then scroll down to App Settings, click that and turn on hardware decoder. The option only shows up on Android devices, not IOS

Thanks. That worked. I had been looking in the settings under the camera rather than the “account”. (I also found I had to “quit” the app and start it again to see a difference).

Thank you!

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Worked for me too. Longtime problem with severe lagging on two Android tablets seems to be resolved now with this simple fix! Thanks …

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Glad it helped!