Video gone, how to get it back?

Hi, my 3 cameras recorded around 25 clips when a contractor was doing some work. I reviewed about half and left the other half to next day. But the next day all the video clips were gone. Is there any way to get the footage back? BTW, I have the Plus service.

I’m going to assume for the moment that you are watching via the Events tab on the Wyze app (as opposed to “View Playback” on the camera view). On the events Tab, make sure you select the date near the top and if you have camera filters in use, the appropriate filters are selected.


Question answered - thanks K6CCC! I’m kicking myself for not noticing it.

When I saw that your original post was your first on the forum, I assumed you were new. It’s a common mistake…
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Yeah, rookie mistake. But Wyze could have done a better and clearer job designing the app. I also have Ring cameras and there you see all your videos in one place but each one has a date attached to it. To me it makes it more clear. Anyways, thanks much!

This is a common way to have it set up , I have 2 other brand cameras and their apps are set up the same way , I don’t see anything wrong with it , one other brand I have does have all days in one big long list

I’m not necessarily knocking Wyze. There are a number of way it could be done. I just completely overlooked the calendar days on top. Once you know the trick, it’s easy. Perhaps adding an “ALL” button as a default might me a good addition.

Been there done that , everyone is new at some point