Video feed issue with updated android app on android emulation (Windows 11)

I have been using LDPlayer and BlueStacks for android emulation on my Windows 11 machines. With the latest update of the WyzeCam app (v2.49.2 (392)), I can no longer get the video feed for cameras V4 and Pan, while V3’s work. The app does show the latest thumbnail for the V4 and Pan, but the live video feed just won’t load. Everything works fine with this app and an android tablet. I have been using this emulation for over 1 year and I like it because I find connections to cameras are more stable than with the live web-based connection.

Things I would consider trying:

  • Clear the cache in the app and see if it works again.
  • Enroll in Beta and load the beta app instead
  • Go to APK mirror download the old app to install (after uninstalling the current one)

One of those options might fix your problem.

Thank you for these suggestions. I will systematically go through them

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