Video Epilepsy seizures

Hello community, need the help of people smarter than me. I’m trying to capture video of my sons epileptic seizures he has during the night. They last about two minutes long and want to use the small WYZE cameras connected to my Alexia. When i hear the monitor alarm go off I normally run into the room and loose 30-45 seconds doing so before I can start my phone and then normally drop it trying to keep him form falling out of bed or hitting his head. Hoping I could tell Alexis to record the session about 2-3 minutes, then tell it to stop recording. Camera would be mounted over his bed, then send video to his neurologist. Need advice please deperate DAD

Hello @jdp103 and welcome to the community.

I am sorry you are having to go through this, II myself have had epilepsy for most my life, thankfully it has been under control.

I am not big into Alexa so hopefully someone with more knowledge with Alexa pops in. If his seizures are the ones that involve a lot of movement here is what I would try. I would put an SD card in the camera and set it to record events only. That would record the entire event as long as there is motion. If that does not work I would set it to continuous which would record 24/7 then when the monitor goes off you can go to that point on the video and take the portion you need to the neurologist.

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Thanks for the speedy reply i was hoping I could put a card in it and do local storage as long as there is motion, I assume i can then pop the chip out an dedit it with my PC crd reader.

My son is now 31 and has suffered from uncontrolled seizures since he was 8 but about 5 years ago they got worse and are not controlled by meds.s. They tried all sorts of combinations. Now he is taking a combination of three powerful meds and can’t tolerate any more. We are waiting on approval for laser brain surgery and hope its approved by Florida Blue. They have denied our first request and are into a drawn-out appeal. also worse than my divorce. we seem to spend more time with our attorney then we do with our doctors. Operations is going to run about $130,000 so Florida Blue which is part of BlueCross Blue Shield is fighting us all the way. We will not give up and will prevail!!!

Right now we need some video documentation and appreciate your advice and comments.

Have a blesssed day my friend

Desperate Dad


Yes with the SD card installed you can record when motion is happening, it will record 1-minute increments and if motion is found in the 1-minute video it will save it and if there isn’t it will delete it. You can remove the SD card and put it into a computer you will see the various 1-minute videos in there and can play them or remove them for video documentation.


I just started using Wyze cam to try to video ours sons night seizures. We are adding Apple watch to try to correlate oxygen and heart rate changes with episodes.
How is your monitoring going? Any tips?
We do have SD card in camera and I use app to be notified of movement. I record event on phone once I playback next morning.
Do you have plus service? Wondering if there is any benefit to have for seizure monitoring?

We used another camera for video monitoring. I used an audio monitor beside my bed so when my son has a seizure I can jump up and avoid some dangerous situation by him falling or standing up in bed.
The real value in your questions about monitoring lies in the value of the details you record daily. i.e. number of squizers, type , length and frequency. I used a paper template and then transferred them daily to a spreadsheet, then I cross reference the time and length of the seizures with the data from our smart watch that was logging rem sleep, BP and stress level. I also had columns for subjective environmentals like excess stress during the day, physical exercise and particularly, alcohol. (yes he is over 21) and happy to report that he only drinks NA beer NOW and doing much better with mental attitude and seizures.

The real value of all this data is that you (the care-give) will become part of the treatment team and most physicians will react with you differently. We have the greatest doctors in the world, but when they realized we were totally committed to beat Epilepsy, and wanted them to understand and evaluate every incident and episode of my son’s life, our relationship changed for the better.
Unfortunately some patients turn into self-pitying victims and are treated like sheep, never questioning the why or why NOT of their course of treatment, If you don’t become totally engaged with your own home treatment, how will you ever know if you did your best to help your child. if you’re not satisfied with your efforts, the guilt of living with less than anticipated results will haunt you for a long time… My son and I both know we’re prepared to face the future without second thoughts and regrets. Lossign the game,but playing your best is never a defeat. But losing the game by playing poorly with no heart, is a real defeat.
Work Hard and Be Positive
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