Video Doorbell Setup

I recently changed networks, which meant that I had to redo my setups on my 2 video doorbells. In order to change network, I had to pull my camera from the bracket in order to reach the reset button. This of course caused the wiring to come loose. After getting the wiring put back together, I had to remount the doorbell to the bracket, using the blind seat designed to accommodate such installation.

  1. Add a feature to the app that would allow for network management and thus to change the network on all or part of the network at one time.
  2. Move the reset function on the doorbell to an external position that could be used by inserting a pin, like many other hardware resets.
  3. Add a groove or some similar method to guide the doorbell into locking position. Difficult to hit a blind seat.
  4. Add a small amount to the sides of the housing, allowing for more room for the wiring.
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