Video Doorbell pro videos

I have searched and all the posts seem to be from 1+ years ago so i thought I would start a new one. I have a video doorbell pro and have never been able to review any video uploaded. I have had the doorbell swapped once and have worked with support with no resolution. This has been going on since i bought it which was Sept of last year. I started with ios, since moved to android. I have moved the chime all over and reset it many, many times. When attached to cam plus the AI detection works and have never had an issue live streaming, but i can NEVER review any of the recorded videos. If viewing the timeline of the doorbell it just loads a black screen. If i load it in the events viewer it gives the error of not uploaded to cloud. I am desperate.

Oh i had a non pro doorbell prior to this and NEVER had an issue. I also have many other cameras and door locks and I do not have issue with those.

Thank you