Video doorbell & chime issues

Just got my video doorbell and chime installed.

2 issues -

  1. if my notifications are snoozed in the app I never get doorbell notifications. This needs to be separate because I would get killed by the onslaught of wyze notifications if I left them all on when home.

  2. the chime although as shown configured in the app never chimes, so at home I have no idea if someone is as the door.

deleted and re-added chime got that working.

adding to this list - volume of chimes are only 0-2, setting it to anything above 2 is the same volume as 2.

That chime snooze issue has to be addressed immediately, It doesn’t make sense for the chime to EVER be able to be snoozed… @WyzeTeam


Another would be nice -

For rules it would be nice to be able to setup: If motion sensor (sense kit PIR) detects motion, turn on doorbell light. And conversely when motion not detected for X mins turn off doorbell light.

For those looking to get this I consider camplus required to cut down the spam notifications.

without camplus during our snowstorm I’m getting notifications constantly. I can only imagine how bad it would be with moving branches in the wind, sunlight/shadows.

with camplus notifications only for people/vehicles/packages.

On Alexa devices the video appears rotated 90 degrees off.

He’s referring to the doorbell notifications when push notifications are turned off. The chime does not get snoozed.

Oh ok, that’s good then :+1:

I do agree though, that when push notifications are turned off, there needs to be a option to keep getting doorbell notifications


yes I meant the notifications when someone hits the button. That needs to come through to my phone even if I’ve snoozed notifications in the app.

I 100% agree… any camera / doorbell you are going to use in any serious way must have CamPlus… darn these clever devils for making that the thing you really need.

I don’t use motion detection. Just People & Packages & Vehicles. And that seems to be working on the Camera watching the driveway quite well. And the doorbell is picking up people quite well too. No luck on the package thing yet.


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