Video Doorbell - Cannot connect Chime - Issue with BETA App?

I called the main support number but was referred to the forum since I am using the Beta App.

A few weeks ago I received a new Video Doorbell under warranty. Doorbell setup went fine but have been unable to add the chime accessory. Follow the process but it always times out.

I have the chime plugged in about 5’ from the doorbell. Light is yellow, press and hold the button, blue light flashes quickly 3 times (really it flashes 4 times) then blue light steady flash for about 30 seconds before turning back to solid yellow.

I tried with two different android devices, same results.

I tried adding the old chime from the original kit and get the same result, which is why I’m thinking it is an issue with the App, not the hardware.

Is there a way to download the non-beta version of the app to test with? When I go to the Play store only the Beta version is available.

You can leave the Beta here.

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This is what I see on the Play store, I do not have the option to download the non-Beta version. What I would like to do is install the non-Beta version on a different device for testing, is that possible?

You need to leave the beta program first, uninstall the Wyze app, then go back to the play store and download the production release.

Not sure if the link I provided above took you to the same spot but here is Wyze write up on the Beta Program and leaving.

In this section


Only if you have a different account. If your Wyze account and Email are associated to your Google Play you will always see the Beta version if in the Beta program… But.

You can join and leave at your leisure. If you have the beta app installed on one device, you can leave, install the production version on another device.


got it thanks!

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