Video clips have a new name

All of a sudden in the last 24 hours I have video clips saying “scene action” … this is new… what is that?
And yes, I do have video clips that say “motion” and “smart video alert” and “sound” as well.

What is “scene action”??

All video clips are exactly 12 seconds. My Pan Cam and my v2 are both doing this and they are all up to date and my Android app is up to date. I am not a Beta tester either.
If Wyze pushed out an update of any kind would they post it somewhere? I remember a few weeks ago they said that they had an update and we needed to restart our cams for us to receive it. But i can’t recall where I saw that :thinking:

Are you using wyze sense?

Yes i am using Sense. I have had it about 3 weeks or so. The videos triggered by a sense contact sensor always says “smart video alert” … i just tested it to make sure.
I have attached a photo.

Do you use Alexa?

I think i know what it is!
Late last night I set up an IFTTT to record a clip every hour, these clips are being named “scene action.”
That’s what it is!